Next you will see that Kabir sees from Riddhima’s phone call that Ridhima has called me two or three times and he wonders why Ridhima was calling me, then she comes to know that she has sent me a voice message,

so she When he removes the voice message he is heard saying that Riddhima is saying that Ragini is still alive and after that she starts speaking something and then the voice message is over, after that we see that Kabir is shocked How can this happen?

How can Ragini be alive and then we see that again, he calls on Ridhima’s mobile again but Ridhima does not pick up the phone and her mother Anupriya picks up the phone and finds out If Riddhima is still alive, then after that she sometimes tells him how Riddhima’s phone came to you, then she says that I have taken it out of clothes and then Kabir says that this phone is quickly delivered to Riddhima anyway.

Ishq mein marjawan 2 4th November Written Updates

After that Anupriya gets the mobile to Riddhima and Riddhima starts calling Kabir but someone comes and makes Riddhima unconscious and throws her into the water. Then we see that Manish is near Ragini and telling her that I have waited for this day for many years and you have to come to my senses quickly and only then my mission will be successful. Then we see that Riddhima senses there and he gets a letter saying that I will come to meet you near the pool, your Kabir.

And yet the mind goes to the pool. But before Kabir arrives, Vine Shah goes there and he says that what are you waiting for, then she tells that I was not waiting for anyone. Did not come and after that Kabir is listening to them. And among other things, Riddhima tells the dynasty why you have kept that girl in captivity for so many years. Kabir is hiding all these things. And Riddhima likewise reveals the whole truth to Kabir through descent.