Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 3 May 2021 Written Updates

Angre stops Riddhima. He says that Vansh endured part and got numerous treacheries in his day to day existence, so he shut his hearts entryway always, however he adores one individual without question and that individual is Ridddhima. She has become purposes behind his joy. Angre further says that if Riddhima double-crosses him, Vansh will get broken. Her affection is Vansh’s solidarity and it won’t one moment to turn into his shortcoming. Ishani emerges from the washroom. Riddhima leaves. Ishani asks Angre what Riddhima is doing here. Angre stays calm.

Sara comes to VR residency. She gathers her room key in the gathering. She sees Riddhima. She believes that she has come to finish her main goal of slaughtering Vansh.


Riddhima gets some information about Vansh. Angre says that he doesn’t have the foggiest idea. Riddhima stresses for Vansh. She drops her ring in the pool. Sara emerges from the pool with the ring. Riddhima asks what she’s doing here. Sara says that she never left her work deficient. She adds that perhaps her work is finished. Riddhima looks stunned. Read More…….


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