You will see that Riddhima has reached Ragini where Ragni is kept captive by the clan and Riddhima tells Ragini that when she gets up, she picks up the cloth from her mouth and she sees that she is not there A doll is lying.

Then we see that Riddhima comes to know that the offspring has shifted him somewhere else. And after that we see that Riddhima already knew that the offspring would do such a thing, so he put a mobile in the lineage The trace app was downloaded. So that he can know where the lineage is.

Then we see that they get to know their location. And she comes to know where the clan has hidden Ragini now. And after that Riddhima leaves and goes to some location where Ragini is hidden and she meets Ragini then we see that she She tries to ask Ragini how all this happened and how you came here. But Ragini says that I have to go home.

Then we see that Riddhima asks Ragini, who has this condition of yours, tell me the name, then she points to the photo of the lineage in Ridhima’s mobile.

And Haritima comes to know that the dynasty has done all this. After that we see that Mansi also comes there and he goes to Ragini and tells Agra why it has not yet become conscious After that, Angre says that it will take 2 or 3 days from now to come to its senses.

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And the stage says that I cannot wait that much, I will be fulfilling my mission. I have been waiting for this day Happened and I can’t wait any longer, so now this chapter has to be closed.

Riddhima is listening to all this there, and after that we see that the dynasty also says that my motive is just to extract some information from Ragini, after that it is of no use to me.