He says I realize you are anxious to converse with me, mention to me what is it. She says I got numerous inquiries, guarantee me, you will address all the inquiries really. He says I guarantee, ask me anything you desire, I will offer all the responses genuinely. She says first inquiry, yo said Ahana had saved you on twelfth Nov, however she was in Delhi, it implies she didn’t save you. He says no.

She reviews Vansh and Ahana’s words. She asks did you get her here by some intention. He says yes. She says no, this can’t occur, Vansh please say its an untruth, you are kidding right, that young lady attempts to execute me, she assaulted me, you are kidding. She cries and says it implies she did every one of those assaults on your idiom. He says yes. She says no, Vansh, you are lying, you love me, you can’t do this, you pushed me towards death and acted to save me. He says yes. She inquires as to for what reason did you do this, you needed me to accept that Ahana and Kabir are together, correct. He says yes. She says it implies you don’t adore me, you are acting with me, as you did going about as Vihaan, you are acting to cherish me, state something, no… . She reviews their minutes.

She says you are lying, reveal to me that our minutes spent at glass house were valid, it wasn’t a dramatization, advise me, state yes. She cries seeing him. Kabir and Ahana are doing aarti. Ahana figures Riddhima would get her life’s greatest stun by hearing Vansh’s answer. She grins. Riddhima yells for what reason did you play this major event with me, respond to me. Vansh says enough, presently I will address you, you will respond to me, yes or no. He asks did you love me when you took the seven rounds. She says Vansh. He asks yes or no…

She says no. He approaches was I simply an errand for you when we got hitched, simply state yes or no. She says yes. He asks did you wed me to keep an eye on me, get evidence against me and trap me, you trusted I slaughtered Ragini. She gestures. He asks wouldn’t you say you broke my trust, not once, however over and over, you bamboozled me, you cheated since you went into this house. He reviews the proof against Riddhima. She thinks I composed everything in the letter, it implies Vansh never pardoned me. He says you generally deceived me on the name of affection and relations when I tumbled down the bluff, my eyes opened, I figured how could I got saved, I comprehended that my destiny doesn’t need me to kick the bucket with the weight of your cheat, I got saved to rebuff you for your deeds. She says I realize I duped you in the beginning of the connection, I attempted to come clean with you, you generally halted me, I had composed a letter for you at the glasshouse. He says lie, I didn’t get any letter. He focuses the blade at her neck. He says you got what you didn’t anticipate, its called cheat.