The scene begins with Dadi reviewing Vansh asking divorce from Ridhima. She recollects Pandit saying that Vansh and Ridhima’s kundalis don’t coordinate. She begins breathing intensely and falls on ground. Vansh goes into the room and hurries to her.

He makes her lie on bed requesting that her unwind and attempt to take long breaths. He gives her medication and afterward rubs her feet. He chides her for being thoughtless and not taking prescriptions for endless days due to which her diabetes expanded. Dadi reveals to him that it’s acceptable that he recalls where her medication box is and says that his passing news murdered her and she even began to question God however she wasn’t right to scrutinize his capacity. He requests her to take care from herself for him.

She approaches him to pardon Ridhima for her at that point. He finds out if her heart permitted her eyes to see his better half wedding another person. Dadi answers no yet adds that seniors need to bow down before youngsters’ satisfaction: everything was turning out badly and in the event that Ridhima took one choice for herself, at that point there was not much.

Vansh guarantees that he will fix everything and everybody and that is the reason he is back. Dadi says that he got back his breath since he is back and now she wants for Siya to get well soon as it were. Vansh requests that her take rest while he’ll go to meet Siya and guarantees her that she will fine.