Ishq mein marjawan 2 29th January 2021 Written Update

Scene begins with Riddhima breaking a few jugs. She says it will be a test today, in the event that Vansh is demonstrated blameless today, at that point I will walk shoeless on these glass pieces, it will be my discipline to question my affection. Kabir shoots a fire bolt at Vansh and Riddhima’s image. He consumes their pic. Aryan grins. Kabir says I have counterfeit confirmations against Vansh, presently Vansh is discussing a reality, what is the issue here. Aryan sees a shadow and stops him. Kabir says there is nobody, possibly some worker passed, we must be in front of Vansh and Riddhima, else the whole arrangement can change. Riddhima goes to the room and sees Vansh. She shows her saree for the gathering. She says its great, right. Vansh goes to the cabinet. He gives her the scissors and requests that she cut the saree. She says I need to wear this saree in the gathering. He says you won’t wear it, do as I say.

Riddhima cuts the saree. He requests that she think back, pull the string. She pulls the string. She sees a saree. He says the gathering subject is retro, wear this saree, this will suit you. She says your decision can’t not be right. She embraces him. She says I feel frightened of the evening of judgment. He inquires as to for what reason are you frightened, you must be the adjudicator, I m the suspect, I ought to be terrified. She says I lost a ton, I would prefer not to lose you. He says I didn’t get terrified of anybody till now, yet today, I additionally feel frightened that I may get off from you, I have no wish, just you stay well, I need you to look staggering, I need to advise my fact to you, you will choose if I ought to get rebuffed, I will acknowledge your choice, whatever the decision, I need to end this today. She says I don’t need anything to turn out badly, everything sorts out. He says its not in our grasp. E says all that will be genuine today.


Kabir sees Vansh and says I heard a tempest is coming this evening. Vansh says you are startling the ocean about a tempest, you be cautious, a breeze may move you away. Kabir says I m happy that you care for me, I feel that our hatred will arrive at another spot today, similar to one of us will be alive to see the dawn. Vansh says I guarantee that your last night will the most amazing aspect your life. Kabir says I heard that you are bringing an incredible reality out. Vansh says such news will do the rounds. Kabir says I realize you will play some new game, truth doesn’t exactly measure up for you. Vansh says don’t be eager, you stand by till the evening and afterward choose if you like my fact or not, till then let it be a secret. Kabir says we will hang tight for the judgment night.


Dadi says the subject is retro, new tunes won’t work. DJ says got it. Siya comes and says Dadi, you are correct, this evening will be evergreen evening. Ishani comes. Siya praises her. Vansh makes statements are leveled out, nothing will turn out badly. Somebody comes there. Vansh turns and doesn’t see anybody. He says for what reason do I think somebody was here. Siya requests that Vansh and Riddhima do the rasam together. Dadi says new lady does first rasoi rasam, she makes sweetdish for the family, however today I have done a change, I need Vansh to help Riddhima. Siya says right. Dadi says lets check whether he helps his better half. Vansh says I m prepared to do it. Dadi and Siya go. Vansh helps Riddhima and says I should help well on the off chance that I m doing it. Ishq mein marjawan… .plays… . Vansh asks will you satisfy rasam like this, take a gander at your appearance, similar to you lost everything, grin and do the rasam, I guaranteed you, all will be well, grin for the wellbeing of I, fine our purpose. She grins. Tere ishq mein… .plays… .

He holds her and lifts to help her pick the compartment. He says you don’t realize that my breath stops when you are close, you don’t have a clue what you are really going after. Dil ye tere bina… plays… they make the sweetdish. They have an eyelock. Siya promotion Dadi come. They chuckle. Siya says Mithibhaat will be a lot of sweet today. Riddhima requests that Dadi taste it and say how is it. Dadi says we will keep it as bhog first and afterward we will eat it.


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