Next we will see that Kabir is waiting for Bedi’s mother and then we see that Riddhima comes there at the same time. And Kabir tells him that I was waiting for you to come early and both of us would sit and talk a lot. Then Kabir says that you all remember how lovingly we lived. And Kabir talks about his old love to get Ridhima and reminds him of his old gift.

Then Kabir says that you will fast for me tomorrow and in the evening if you come to meet me with some excuse, when the moon comes out, then we will break both fast. For Mansi because she is my husband right now. That is why you do not wait for me because I love vansh with all my heart and want to maintain my right relationship with him,

That is why you do not wait for me. Today we see that Kabir says that she is a criminal and how can you fall in love with her then she says that I do not know how this happened and when it happened but I love her and I know she She also loves me and then she says that whether she is a criminal or not, I know that she has not done any blood when you do not know the truth.

So you can blame such money on someone, that is why you do not have the right to blame anyone without proof. And how long it has been to find evidence against you but you have not found anything yet. It is said that Ridhima leaves from there and Kabir says that now I see how I end you.

And your love will also end with this. Then we see that Kabir says that now I will do very bad with Ridhima and will definitely take revenge. After that, Riddhima goes to the house and is looking at the clan and her photo. And thinking that now I will have my heartfelt relationship with the clan and I will never put her in any trouble after that. Comes and he says,

Ishq main marjawan 2 30 october 2020 written updates

If you are crying then she says that something has gone in my eye, that’s why my eye is watery. Manish says that I will fix it, after that he grabs Riddha’s hand and rubs the trash out of her eye. Then we see that outside the house, the ritual of wearing bangles for the rituals of Karva Chauth is being done first and all the husbands bring bangles for their wife.

First, Angre brings bangles for Ishani and wears her, then we see that Chanchal’s husband, a descendant’s cousin, brings bangles for her and gives it to her. But those bangles are small and in the hands of Chanchal. If she does not come, then she gets angry. Then we see that Riddhima Jaay thinks that I do not think the offspring would have brought bangles of my size but when the stage was taking out the garbage from her eye, then she measured the bangles of Ridhima. Had seen and she had made bangles accordingly. Then we see that Munch comes to her wearing bangles and asks how she felt, she says that I like these bangles very much.