Next you will see that Riddhima is nervous that Bihar has not come yet and 20 minutes remain till 7:00. Then we see that Riddhima goes to the pavilion, and after that we see that it starts circulating with Kabir and starts with you.

Then we see that Riddhima would have been very nervous and said that I cannot marry Kabir and if it is better than marrying this I give my life and that’s why they put something in the fire burning on the pavilion The reason is that all around smoke becomes smoke. After that Riddhima has poison in her hand which she starts eating but at the same time Vihaan comes there.

And he opens the gate and says what’s going on here. And Vihaan looks exactly like vanish and everybody understands that he has come there. Then we see that Kabir and Anupriya are very surprised to see Bihaan and they are not sure that vanis is alive.