Next you see that Mental shouts to save Riddhima and runs towards the effigy of Ravana, then we see that Aryan shoots the arrow and he catches the arrow on the way and saves the effigy from fire. . Then we will see that the lineage Ridhima is to be taken out of thin.

And all the people are surprised how Riddhima came between this and then both Aryan and his mother Chanchal get very nervous that now what vansh will do to us after that, they also take Riddhima inside. And then water is poured over my Riddhima and it is brought to consciousness, then the dynasty asks who has done this act with you, just tell me the name.

But Riddhima does not tell anything but she knows that this work is done by Aryan and fickle. Then we Netagiri lies my mind and says that I was ready to check, I got dizzy and I fell there Has gone. Next we see that Riddhima then performs the tilak of the dynasty and he prepares to burn Ravana and then the dynasty fires Ravana.

And everyone happily celebrates it ready. Then we see that Kabira goes there who comes in disguise as a doctor and then he checks up Ridhima and says that take a little blood. And then that doctor is out Instead of going, he goes to the descent room and searches where that memory card is but he does not find that memory card anywhere.

And then goes to my mind and asks him to give me the card that I wish, but Riddhima says that it is of no use to me right now because if he has not heard that blood, he would get angry sometimes. And says that I want that memory card in any case, bring me anyway. While Vader was talking, the offspring comes there and the descendant says what happened, nothing happens and nothing happens.

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 28 October Written Updates

She then brings sweets to the clan and tells him that it is for you. Then she starts feeding him sweets and takes Ragini’s name while she is in the middle but Manch gets very angry and says that When you keep on ragni, it is making our relationship very bad. When a third person starts coming in between a husband and wife, then that relationship can never be successful, hence this name is not going to be known from your mind. And saying this, the clan goes out of the room and Riddhima also becomes unhappy.