Riddhima anticipates Vihaan Riddhima gets frightened that its only two hours for the marriage and Vihaan isn’t home. Kabir meets Riddhima to give her the wedding dress. She discloses to him that she will never wear red tone, which means love. She tells that she simply adores Vansh and will consistently cherish him. Kabir isn’t influenced by her contempt.

She discloses to him that she will be wearing a white shading marriage lahenga so he can likewise know her sentiments that she needs to avoid him. He requests that her wear anything she loves, however the truth of the matter is she will wed him. She has considered quite a major arrangement that he can’t figure. She is glad that her arrangement is on. Kabir speculates that she is getting certainty as a result of somebody.

He needs to discover who is behind it. He gets irritated seeing white drapes and blossoms designed. He vents his displeasure on Aryan. He needs to have red enhancement for the marriage. He can’t stand Riddhima’s decision all over the place. He affronts Aryan. Ishani requests that Aryan stand firm against Kabir and not let him have Vansh’s spot. She tells that Kabir can never have Vansh’s spot, since he doesn’t have a sibling’s heart towards them.

She requests that Aryan analyze Kabir and Vansh. She tells that Vansh never offended them and rather ensured them. Aryan realizes Kabir is crossing limits. He needs to dole out retributions with Kabir once he gets the confirmations against him. Riddhima trusts Vihaan goes ahead the perfect time before it gets past the point of no return. Ishani meets Riddhima to satisfy a custom. She harms Riddhima’s hand and afterward reviles her. She reproaches Riddhima for wedding Kabir. Riddhima needs to disclose to her that she simply adores Vansh. Ishani vents her outrage on Riddhima. She wishes to rebuff Riddhima for harming the family to such an extent.

Riddhima calls Vihaan up to know his area. He reveals to her that he is getting ready to come. She inquires as to whether he is still at his place. She reveals to him that the marriage arrangements are done and the progressing time is simply making her strained. She advises him that his entrance is a lot of significant. She can’t acknowledge any postponement from him. She discloses to him that he must be there on schedule. Vihaan asks her not to stress, since he has the total installment, he will be there to keep his assertion. She is dubious of him.

She doesn’t have the foggiest idea whether he will come or swindle her by fleeing with the cash. She asks him not to break her trust. Vihaan vows to come. Kabir needs to realize Riddhima’s arrangements. He takes a break from the marriage arrangements to mind Vihaan once more. He questions that the shelter supervisor he met was another person. He goes to a similar house once to keep an eye on Vihaan. Vihaan doesn’t get captured by Kabir. He makes a take off from his home. Riddhima anticipates Vihaan.

Anupriya asks Riddhima to leave Vansh’s marital chain. She shows the uncommon marital chain made by Kabir. Riddhima cautions Anupriya against grabbing Vansh’s matrimonial chain. She sits tight for a marvel when Vansh returns for the family. Anupriya doesn’t figure any supernatural occurrence will occur in two hours of time. Kabir comes to back home and races to get dressed as the husband to be. He goes to meet Dadi to genuinely hurt her.

He requests Vansh’s things so Dadi gets more shattered. He torments Dadi as it were. Dadi misses Vansh a great deal observing Kabir having Vansh’s spot. Riddhima discovers Dadi hurt and needs to realize for what reason is Kabir not staying faithful to his obligation. She advises that she is wedding him to spare Dadi and Ishani. Kabir advises that he needs to turn into the ruler of the house and doesn’t like anybody’s feelings.

He clarifies that he will be having Vansh’s spot by grabbing each memory of Vansh. Kabir thinks he is exceptionally near his objective now, he will be having Vansh’s spot by wedding Riddhima. He is simply too glad to even consider seeing his fantasy getting valid. Anupriya wishes him best of luck. She advises that she is holding on to consider him to be the ruler in the house. Kabir needs the family to obey him. Kabir goes to the mandap as the man of the hour.

He reviews that he became more acquainted with Riddhima’s arrangement by visiting Vihaan’s home. The tension doesn’t come out that Kabir had seen Vihaan or not, did he hijack Vihaan and managed Riddhima’s arrangements as of now. The scene will be indicated later. Vihaan is sufficiently brilliant to counter Kabir and trick him once more. Unquestionably, it will be demonstrated that Vihaan has freed of Kabir indeed and came an ideal passage to spare Riddhima.

Kabir meets Riddhima, who is hanging tight for Vihaan. He figures nothing can stop the marriage now. He doesn’t realize that Riddhima has arranged a tremendous stun for him. Kabir and Riddhima start the marriage ceremonies. Each ceremonial makes her on edge. She thinks about the critical results if Vihaan doesn’t come. Vihaan takes Vansh’s symbol to make a shaking section in VR house. The most anticipated scene would be seen.