She gets back. Vansh pulls her and says its last evening of 2020, at that point new year will start. She grins. Somebody goes into the house. Angre glances around. Ahana stows away from him. She goes into a room and takes a dress from the organizer. Riddhima hits the dance floor with Kabir.

Kabir says whatever you did with mother, it was correct, however she was my mother, you need to take care of it. Riddhima says she did that being egotistical, it was certainly not something unadulterated, you can’t deliver retribution on me, even demise can’t hurt me when Vansh is with me. Ahana sees Riddhima and goes to her. They dance. Riddhima thinks who is she. Ahana says I called you, our discussion was deficient, I need to disclose to you something pixie. Riddhima gets stunned.

Ahana abruptly vanishes. Riddhima ponders who was that young lady and what she needed to tell. Vansh focuses a blade at her. She shouts Riddhima. Riddhima asks what you needed to advise me? Everybody looks on.