Chanchal says Sara is calling as a phantom. Aryan requests that she shut up, Riddhima was calling. He goes out and slams into Riddhima. She asks where were you since long. Chanchal comes and embraces Aryan. Aryan says I additionally missed you. Ishani comes and says so great to see you, there was unpleasant without you. Siya says its great you have come, we missed you a ton. Riddhima asks where were you. Chanchal says he was here, in my heart, where will a child stay, in mum’s heart. Riddhima says obviously, however this pack, he was some place.

Ishani inquires as to why, were you in police power to request everybody’s subtleties, I don’t think Aryan necessities to reveal to you anything. Ishani says this is none of your anxiety. He embraces Ishani. Ishani says he called me and Chanchal. Ishani says Gayu has vanished. Chanchal says she is no more. Riddhima asks did you see her going. Ishani says indeed, I had seen her going and she gave me a tip, who do you think I m, for what reason do I care for her coming and leaving. Aryan requests that she come for a beverage. They all go. Riddhima goes to see Gayu.

Riddhima awakens and sees Vansh working. She embraces him and says I need consideration. He says I m occupied. She says no, investigate my eyes, you will fail to remember everything, you said something similar around evening time, you are occupied what not. He says I m investigating your eyes. She says you manage job later. She grins. Ishq mein marjawan… plays… .

Riddhima says your attention is on me right, which dress will I wear. Vansh says indeed, wear it and show me, I can hardly wait to see you. She irately goes. He holds her head and says what was she saying, I was tuning in, I love. Read More….