Today we will see that Ridhima is buttoning the dynasty’s shirt and then she is thinking how wrong I used to think about the stage but it is not that I was the guardian of Ragini who was a murderer. Then we see where the dynasty goes and Aryan takes Riddhima unconscious and takes her elsewhere.

Then we see that Ishani gives her a box of sweets to take revenge on Angre and in that sweet box is the one that is about to burst after 30 seconds and then we see that Angre gets a call. And that sweet container goes to the blood there and she picks up the box grandmother and then Ishani sees grandmother, grandmother thinks that grandmother will get hurt so she snatches the box from grandmother and throws it out. She gives.

It is time for worship and Tilak also has to be done and all the people gather in the temple but Ridhima does not come there. As Ray takes the Redeemer by Kidnapping Aryan and hides it in the middle of the effigy of Ravana where Ravana is to burn, so that Riddhima also burns with Ravana. Then we see that everyone starts looking for Riddhima and says Where Redeema has gone but no one gets Ridhima.

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 27th October 2020 Written Updates

And then it is the time of Ravana combustion. Aryan fires an arrow to fire Ravana and he throws the arrow like Ravana but that arrow does not reach Ravana and he does not fire. After that the stage says that a little petrol has to be put on it, then a fire will happen and he goes to Ravana to pour petrol.

Where Riddima is lying unconscious but she does not know Riddhima and he comes by putting petrol but when he looks down, he sees some ghungroos which are of Riddhima’s hand bangle and she comes to know. It is said that the Redeemer is in the midst of Ravana and then we see that Aryan leaves the arrow and starts to fire Ravana and shouts loudly from there.