Riddhima says this isn’t the wristband which fell in the lobby. Anupriya says I had picked this, possibly you got mixed up. She says I never swindled this family, you have accused me, its better I leave. Vansh says stop, you will remain here. He says Daima didn’t murder Rudra, Riddhima you center around yourself. He goes. Riddhima additionally goes.

Anupriya gets the arm band from the flour box and reviews Riddhima’s words. She says you attempted well Riddhima. Its evening, Vansh thinks about the jewels. Angre comes. Vansh discharge accidentally and drops the weapon. Angre asks are you alright. Vansh says wouldn’t you say I m falling feeble. Angre says no, I haven’t seen a more grounded individual than you.

Riddhima comes and says I heard a weapon shot, is everything fine. Vansh says yes. She says your injury is dying, sit. Angre says I will call the specialist. Vansh says no need, Riddhima will see. Riddhima does the guide to his injury. Vansh asks Riddhima what is she stowing away.

She says you can say it well, what is it. Vansh says you know I m consistently with you. She says don’t have any acquaintance with, you’re not with me, you’re not prepared to hear me out, there is a great deal to impart to you. He says its in no way like that, I m with you. She gets some information about the child. He says kindly, say whatever else than this. Read More….