Riddhima figures where did Vihaan fit the bomb, this game would be essential for his arranging. Vansh asks what do you need, that inflatable falls, you need to tell the family that your and Vansh’s connection was bad. She figures I don’t have a lot of time, I need to discover the bomb.

She slips. He holds her. He says eliminate these shoes, else you will get an injury. Ishq mein marjawan… .plays… She says its fine. Angre and Ishani lose. Dadi says I realized its intense to cause Riddhima and Vansh to lose, you will win. Vansh gets a call. Riddhima figures whose call did Vihaan get, I need to discover. She goes. He says this work is demon, it should be finished. She contemplates the bomb, whom did he give this work.

A Santa comes. Kabir says I will blessing the top of the family first. He discards Riddhima’s shoe away. Vansh says this individual needed to execute Riddhima, I realize you need to see face of this man. Everybody gets stunned.