Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 23 January 2021 Written Update

Ishq mein marjawan 2

The Episode begins with Vansh requesting that Aryan handle things, he will just come. Ishani comes and requests that he come for dance. Vansh says I will come in 2 mins. Siya requests that he proceed to focus on the dance. Everybody moves. Vansh sees the young lady in ghunghat. Riddhima searches for the records. A scrape tumbles down. Riddhima picks it and says there are documents over the cabinet too. She checks different envelopes. She gets Vansh’s document.

The official calls Vansh and says Riddhima took the documents, sorry Sir, I didn’t realize she can do this. Vansh says Riddhima… . she got the document, she will get everything, on the off chance that she is there, at that point who is the young lady here, I will discover the mystery. Vansh goes to the young lady. Kabir looks on. The light goes. Angre goes to check at the meter room. The light returns. Vansh checks the young lady in ghunghat.


Ishani stops him again and requests that he dance in the sangeet. Vansh actually goes to the young lady. He lifts the ghunghat and gets stunned seeing Riddhima. He says inconceivable, how could this occur. Riddhima says its enough of the ghunghat rasam, there is no shroud between us now. Vansh figures how could she come in the event that she was there. Riddhima asks what occurred, did you expect another person.


She squeezes him and asks what occurred. He says nothing, I will just come. She thinks sorry Vansh, Its devil for me to know my folks’ mystery. Vansh sees the pic and takes a gander at her. Ishani and everybody dance on Nachde ne saare… .. Kabir figures Vansh and Riddhima will meet from time to time it will be a major impact. He says its chance of Vansh and Riddhima now, we are making the most of their sangeet. Riddhima moves on Tere bina… . Everybody grins. Riddhima inquires as to for what reason did you lie. Vansh says there is a distinction in lying and concealing truth, nobody would need the past to add poison in the present, you ought not go from quite a while ago.

She asks him for what good reason did he shroud it, reality with regards to the guardians for a vagrant issues a great deal, don’t you get this, and still, after all that you didn’t come clean with me. He says it will just damage you to scratch the injuries of the past, I have only one answer, I did this for you and our connection. She says we will make another beginning, I m your shadow, concealing truth from shadow is conning own character, you know well where I had gone, I m only one stage away from reality, I m giving you one more opportunity. Vansh asks who disclosed to you that I was in the adolescent community for a very long time, whom did you make stay there under ghunghat. She says I was under the ghunghat. He says you are lying. She says no, I have taken sequestered from everything truth from you, I m your better half, its my dharm to follow your means.


Dadi says Aryan lost the hereditary neckband in betting, it wasn’t lost. Riddhima figures Vansh may realize that I gave reality serum to Dadi, he will blow up. Dadi confesses to more mysteries. Ishani inquires as to for what reason is Dadi saying the old certainties. Vansh stops Dadi. He says lovely people, party is finished. He takes Dadi to the room. Kabir says party is finished, yet nobody has cut this cake, I didn’t figure my arrangement will go long, Riddhima I realize you got something from adolescent focus. Riddhima says Vansh questions that Dadi is carrying on like that as a result of me. She conceals papers and says I can’t peruse it here. She goes to kitchen. Ishani comes and asks what are you doing here. Riddhima says I had come to make ginger tea for myself.

Ishani says you are concealing something. Riddhima says its not at all like that. Ishani says individuals behaving recklessly face an awful result. Riddhima says gold gets brilliant when it consumes in fire, I think we pick our own fate, everything is in our grasp. She takes the papers. Ishani goes. Riddhima sees Kabir. Kabir asks what did you arrive. Ishani says you mean Riddhima wasn’t in the ghunghat, how could this occur. Vansh blindfolds himself and shoots a jug kept over Angre’s head.


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