Ishq mein marjawan 2 22 september 2020 written updates kabir saves Ridhima

In this episode we saw that the chandelier is about to fall on Ridhima and sometimes he looks at her and in today’s episode we will see that the chandelier is falling and the dynasty runs towards Ridhima and shouts. But my mind cannot hear and she is making rangoli sitting below and the chandelier is about to fall from above then she runs away and grabs the chain of that chandelier and in this way Ridhima escapes from coming under the chandelier and Then he is scolding Ridhima that you do not see that from above the chandelier girdavar I also made a sound if something happens to you Riddhima says what would happen if something happened to me the voice becomes silent After that Ridma says that I had to bring down the chandelier because I have to light the chandelier and then she starts lighting the chandelier. Riddhima wonders why it is taking me so long then Kabir and his mother are watching there and thinking that love is growing between these two and they are happy that it will be as we thought Has been. Next we will see that Ridhima goes to Devraj Singh Rathore’s room and there she sees that he is drinking dates and milk together. Seeing this, he remembers Kabir and because he also has milk and dates with him. Drank and she asks what is the secret so he says I do all this due to medical problem but I don’t like it and then Ridhima starts lifting the plate but Devraj Singh Rathore grabs her hand and his The latter says that I have called my son, he will take it, after that the waiter comes and takes the plate, after that Ridhima also leaves from there.

Ishq mein marjawan 2 22 september 2020 written updates

Then Devraj Singh Rathore is alone in his room and takes out his mustache and beard and comes as Kabir and is drinking beer in front of the mirror in his room and at the same time grandmother comes there and she She sees and runs away from there and thinks that I have to tell March that this man is not what he looks like and when she is leaving, Teera goes after her and starts trying to kill her. He takes a knife and goes after Adi but at the same time Kabir gets a call from his mother and she says that you do this, jump into the water from the previous way and pretend to take a bath there, I will bring all your data there and He jumps into the swimming pool and changes his clothes and shaves his mustache and beard and then bumps into Grandma and asks his son where are you going in a hurry then she says I just told you When he looks in the room, he says no, I have been taking a bath from here for a long time, after that Kabir’s mother would also come and say yes, it has been here for a long time. After bathing here, the grandmother is sent to her room.