The present scene begins with Riddhima tending to Vihaan as Vansh. Vihaan says who Vansh, he says he is Vihaan? He asks Riddhima on the off chance that she knows him. Riddhima stands stunned seeing Vansh the same. She figures how it tends to be conceivable two distinct individuals has a similar face. Vihaan asks Riddhima on the off chance that she has past propensity for self-talking. Riddhima checks Vihaan’s home. Vihaan asks Riddhima what she is looking. He says she the one whom he spared a day ago. Riddhima neglects to discover anything. Vihaan thinks in the flashback how he unloaded Singhania’s photograph seeing Riddhima coming towards him.

Further, Vihaan advises to Riddhima that he is ravenous for cash. Riddhima stands stunned and hears Vihaan. Vihaan says to Riddhima that she has pretty eyes yet that doesn’t mean she can gaze at him ceaselessly. He asks Riddhima to leave the spot. Riddhima proceeds to review her minutes with Vansh.

Afterward, Riddhima considers how Vansh and Vihaan can be this the same. Meanwhile, Kabir finds Riddhima. Red shading falls on Riddhima. Kabir smiles seeing her hairline is loaded up with the red tone. Riddhima slaps Kabir and says how he set out to cross his breaking point. Kabir blows up on Riddhima. Daadi comes and asks Riddhima to pardon Kabir as it was unintentionally. Ishani acclaim Riddhima for the slap. Daadi interferes with Ishani. She is sorry to Kabir and says Riddhima is upset consequently, she responded. She asks Kabir to fail to remember.

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Opposite side, Riddhima wipes the red tone. Kabir comes and Riddhima requests that he leave. Kabir on the mirror fills the hairline of Riddhima. He grins. Riddhima breaks the mirror. She blows up on Kabir. Kabir says it is a great idea to wed a widow. He snatches Riddhima. Riddhima gets awkward. Kabir says once he cherished him too than what is the issue to wed him. Riddhima says she is over from her deception.

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Kabir comes nearer to Riddhima. Riddhima asks Kabir to avoid her. Kabir says he can wed her at whatever point he needs to.  But he simply needs to make her his better half to quiet Singhania’s. Further, Kabir compromises Riddhima and says her mentality will cause Singhania’s to endure. Riddhima says to Kabir to be in his breaking point else she will slap him again. Kabir holds Riddhima’s hand and says his impending proposition is the outcome of her salp as it were. Riddhima asks what he implies. Kabir says inside 6 hour she needs to wed him. Riddhima stands stunned. (Scene Ends)