Ishq mein marjawan 2 21 September 2020 written update

Hello friends in this episode you will see that Riddhima finds out whose pregnancy report it is and that report belongs to the sister of the dynasty and she is looking for the report in her room and at the same time Riddhima is there. Comes and she sees everything that Vansh’s sister is pregnant who is not married yet and Angad is standing next to her and she is asking him where is my report then Ridhima would come there at the same time And says that I have this report and this report is yours but why did you say wrong name there and now let’s go and tell everyone the truth, meanwhile everyone knows whether that report is Riddhima or not. The sister of Manch is not the sister of the sister of the stage and is afraid of all the people and says that it is very wrong to get pregnant before marriage and after that all the people sew that to avoid this trouble the lineage The sister should get married and everyone wonders who will adopt her in this situation and after that Ridhima gives a suggestion that we should marry her from Angad And if he takes it as his own, everyone agrees with him and the dynasty asks Angad if you want to marry my sister, if he says ask your sister once, Angad says That I am ready to get married and then the family says that it is okay to get these two married in a few days and after that Kabir’s mother calls Kabir and says that there should be a wedding at home Is

On hearing this, Vaibhav gets a little happy and says that now it will be fun. Now I am about to enter the house and tells his mother to tell all of you that I have called it. I have called it. Will do all the arrangements and tell you my name Devraj Singh Rathore his mother says it is ok and ok and after a while Devraj Singh Rathore alias Kabir enters the house and Riddhima opens the gate and after that he And after that she is and after that she asks that I didn’t recognize you to be you then she says that I am the wedding planner and I have come to plan your Nand’s wedding then Kabir’s mother is also there She comes and says that I have called Devraj Singh Rathore here.

Next you will see that a wedding planner (Kabir) comes to their house and tells them that there will be a wedding in your house, which no one has done in this city till date, similarly there are people with mind and family and He says that I will get Ragini married according to the old custom, in the same way Vansh and Angad come from above, he praises the wedding planner Vansh very much, he extends his hand to shake hands but the stage is with him. Hand not found. He says what is your age then Kabir tells that my age is 50 years and after that I ask where is your office then he tells everything and after that he says where did you last get married Orange and whose house it was, then I tell you that I got Singhania’s daughter married, then at the same time Vansh says that now I call them and ask and at the same time I call and ask Singhania that your Who planned the wedding for the daughter’s wedding then he explains that Devraj Singh Rathore did all the planning and is a very good blender as we have already told you that Kabir came here under a plan and the same plan He had also bought that Singhania to carry out and that is why he also supported her

And after that Devraj Singh Rathore brings jewelry for everyone and there is a mind sitting there then his grandmother gives him a bracelet and says that it looks great on you then she leaves from there And Devraj Singh Rathore sits next to Ridhima and the bracelet is not coming out of Ridhima and Rathore says I take it out and he starts holding Riddhima’s hand at the same time he comes there and he grabs Ridhima’s hand And says that I know how to handle my wife, there will be more work in you, you do that work and then he takes out the bracelet from Vansh Ridhima’s hand and there on the other side Kabir and his mother are talking How will the truth of Ragini’s murder come out by awakening love in these two and reaching her heart.

After that Ridhima goes to the sister of the dynasty with the wedding dress but she throws the couple away and says a lot of good and bad things to Riddhima and meanwhile her grandmother says that if you say one more word then there is no one worse than me. Hoga and the couple gives it to him and then the couple in the lineage’s sister gives it to Angad and the lineage comes to Angad again and tells him that now it is my sister’s responsibility to control her anger. And Angad says no matter, I will never give you a chance to complain. After that Devraj Singh Rathore alias Kabir starts his next move and Ridhima is making rangoli downstairs and he is thinking about dropping the chandelier from above and then he tells his mother that I have done my job You do your job now and she brings the dynasty there and she throws the chandelier from top to bottom but the dynasty is not watching her from there and this is where the episode ends.