Love Shayari For Girls

Next we see that as the playful havan is preparing and is engaged in the decorations of the whole house, Aryan comes there, and he says that mother I should help you and the memory card on his leg falls there. , And is applying something with the fickle nail and all those nails fall down, and that memory card gets mixed into those nails.

And then we see that the garba party starts in the house and everyone starts to grumble, both the dynasty and Riddhima are also doing garba and Riddhima’s attention is also towards the card, due to which the Dandiya dynasty gets engaged. Is and from that point the dynasty gets angry and then we see further that Anupriya and Chanchal make an idea,

so that he can harm Ridhima and he spills bananas outside Ridhima’s room and throws mustard oil around her. Due to which Riddhima falls on his body and he is completely injured and then she starts waiting for Ridhima when she comes there and falls on it, then we see that Ishani was also making an idea.

That is, how to take revenge on the English, she puts a nail on her stick and she takes a memory card in my mind and she comes running and snatches the kilo box from them and removes the memory card from it. Then we see that Chanchal tries to extinguish the unbroken Jyot, she moves a fan towards the holdings and save the holdings For Dynasty and Riddhima run away and then Grandma says that take this Joe in Riddhima to his room and Riddhima is the one who takes her to her room, then we see that Riddhima slips with oil when she takes you Goes and his leg goes straight up to the kilo and his leg is completely injured