Riddhima embraces him. She sees the keys. She thinks possibly that is the vehicle keys. Vansh says I need to state something, will you wed me once more. She asks once more, you mean all the customs… He says truly, I need to leave old recollections and have new recollections. He jumps on knees and asks will you attempt to turn into my better half once more. He proposes her. She grins and holds his hand. She says I will consistently be prepared to turn into your lady of the hour, I love you. They embrace. Ishq mein marjawan… .plays… .

He figures you will be occupied in the capacities, your spotlight won’t be on the examinations. Riddhima figures exceptionally soon the lock to this secret will get open. He says you can advise me if there is anything. She says nothing. He says anything, trust me, I m yours, you will discover me remaining by you. She says I know, really, there is an issue.

She says this time, we will call everybody, we will make list of attendees. She sits to make a list if people to attend. He says I have some business companions. He names them. Riddhima asks how might I write in speed. He thinks she began getting diverted, as I needed. She takes a gander at the keys. He figures I will discover what’s happening in your brain. Read Full….