The Episode begins with Riddhima getting some information about the date. Somebody fills risky gas in the inflatable. Dadi says I can’t fail to remember that date regardless of whether I need, I feel hurt considering it. Riddhima says I would prefer not to hurt you, what happened that day. Dadi says Vansh was shot that day, he returned from the passing, I would prefer not to state whatever else, you have food and rest. Somebody is seeing with a major knife. Riddhima says what was Vihaan doing there when Vansh was shot, the data isn’t coordinating, Vansh was shot on his back, yet his back had no slug mark, at that point for what reason did Dadi say as much, I don’t comprehend. She sees a red inflatable external the entryway. She says what’s that. She goes to check. She sorts a note out on it.

She peruses, I have stayed faithful to my obligation, its your turn, I will

reveal to you the mystery of 8 december, satisfy your guarantee, I have saved a dress for you in the pantry, wear it and come. She says what’s Vihaan’s aim, he is promising to confess to the mystery, I need to go. She searches for the dress. She gets a dress from the organizer. She picks a blade from the natural products bushel. She gets spruced up. She conceals the blade at her back. She comes out and says Vihaan. He blindfolds her. She holds the blade. Vihaan stops her. He releases her hair. He says when I did this, who did you consider. She says Vansh. He takes care of her the desserts and asks who did you consider now. She reviews Vansh. He showers the scent and asks and this aroma, who does it help you to remember. She says it was Vansh’s fav fragrance, what are you attempting to do, I don’t comprehend. He says I do what’s out of everybody’s arrangement. She requests that he eliminate the blindfold. He discards the blade. He makes Riddhima wear some adornments.

Ishq mein marjawan… .plays… . She says please open the blindfold. He opens it. She asks what’s this joke. He shows the sentimental set up. She asks what’s this. He says its my mystery, I took selfie with Vansh on eighth december. She says you didn’t reveal to me such a demon thing previously. He requests that her have persistence. He shows her two roses. She says I didn’t come here to hear this drivel. He says you can hear what you need when you respond to me, else you won’t find any solution. She says its roses. He trades and asks which rose did I had in my correct hand previously. She says what would i be able to state, its nevertheless. He says I used to accomplish this work for Vansh, individual is flabbergasted when he discovers his clone, game gets additionally fascinating when the likenesses are so much that none can separate, Vansh used to utilize this, I was not Vansh’s shadow, however his mystery, I was his body twofold.

She gets stunned. He says Riddhima, Vansh worked in quite a world, where there were new adversaries, who used to discover opportunities to kill him, yet he knew reality, police had envisioned to find Vansh in the act, Vansh thoroughly took care of his family, however he had no shield for himself, he knew his life’s significance, at whatever point he felt the peril, he used to send me as Vansh, that was my work, our appearances coordinated so much that nobody could think about Vansh’s copy, my work was to save Vansh’s life, it doesn’t mean I helped out, Vansh paid me much cash, there were hazardous circumstances where Vansh utilized me, it was an additional favorable position that I am a programmer, commonly, passing came for Vansh, yet didn’t contact him ever. Riddhima reviews Dadi’s words. She thinks Vihaan was shot, not Vansh, it implies Vihaan’s back would have the projectile imprint, I can’t ask him, how to discover, I need to deal with the circumstance.

He plays the music. Shayad… .plays… He draws near to her. She flees. He stops her. They dance. He goes near kiss her. She keeps her hand in the middle of and stops him. She figures in what manner will I see the slug mark, by what means will it get demonstrated that he is stating reality.

Vihaan says this cake is to commend another section among you and Vansh, party just began. Riddhima makes the beverage fall over his shirt. She requests that he change the shirt. He changes the shirt. She sees his back to see the shot imprint. Read more….