Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 2 October 2020 Written updates

Next we see that the clan is sitting near Ridhima and she is saying that as long as I am with you, no one can even touch you and when she starts going from there, she grabs Ribat’s hand and then He falls asleep on both sides, then it is morning and Devraj Singh Rathore starts leaving the house, then Grand tells him that you should eat and go and do it, then he stops and starts eating only Ridhima comes there Hai and he tells the mind that you have to remember our mission and I am going from here but you have to gather evidence and after that Riddhima has left from there.

After this, when she is going to her room, there is a video record going on in the room which has a video of her night when Devraj Singh Rathore comes in her real form as Kabir and she is recording while Ridhima is surprised Who gets it recorded, then she sees that it is running on stage phone and wanshee comes out of the bathroom. He feels that Manish has heard everything and is getting to know everything about him. is. I am clear that you had just started recording when we were sitting on the bridge, then someone remembers that yes I did but he did not know that everything would be recorded, so think that I have this recording in his The phone is So there should be a photo or else someone will listen and everyone will know about me and Kabir.

Something about him says that I and you together watch this recording, it has become very good, then both of them start watching, then this Ridhima stops her and says that you change the clothes first and after that we see it for. The suit is about to happen but he is not the suit press that is done and he starts to press the suit only to see the descent video, then Riddhima puts a hot President on his arm to stop him and he runs to him Comes and puts the mobile there, after that the clan’s grandmother comes there and she goes to call the stage.

Then I remember my phone is inside but with the mouse trying to anatomize the video from the mobile, only the descendant’s sister comes there and snatches the mobile from her. Mobile Center Center she pushes Ridhima . And Rhythm falls down and she goes to the wanshi with a mobile, in the train, she feels that she will definitely watch the video so that’s why I get very worried