Next we will see that Kabir has left the goons behind my Ridhima and he says how you will be able to escape from this now. And the goons surround Ridhima and she cries and shouts that save me but no one He does not come to save and the goons start killing Riddhima with a knife but at the same time Vihaan comes there. And he saves Ridhima and beats all the goons.

Next you will see that Riddhima has come to know all the truth. Then Kabir goes there and he says that you know all that is good, then listen to me and the truth too, then sometimes I tell all my truth that I was lying to you from day one. I love you and I have lied to you one word.

You are responsible for whatever happened to the descendants because I used you against vanish and you continued to do the same. Thinking this makes Redi very upset. Then we see that Kabir tells all his truth that I have killed Ragini and my mother Anupriya killed vanish’s real mother and that is why I murdered Ragini After listening to all this, there is so much in the heart and shouts and says that you are so bad. After this, Kabir says that you cannot tell this to anyone because it is all because of you that you vanish.

That didi has come in my life and because of all this happened. Then we see that sometime she gives water to Riddhima and then she also gets her electric current. After that, Anupriya also comes and she Both torture my Ridhima.