Ishq mein marjawan 2 19 September 2020 written update

In this episode you will see that Kabir and his mother are talking and Kabir is saying that now I cannot live without you and now we will live together after this mission, I have missed you a lot since childhood and Now I do not want both of us to stay away from each other, I have felt the lack of mother too much. On the other hand, Vansh is sending some money for D’Souza’s family to get some relief to his family and whether D’Souza should complete his studies and his daughter should complete her singing course, that’s why he is sending money to her and There Riddhima is thinking and seeing that the dynasty is sending money and then Riddhima thinks that if the dynasty had killed D’Souza, he would not have been so much patriarch of his family and he would have also named each member of his family. I know that is why I think that I cannot do this, then she remembers that I have to avenge Ragini’s death and focus only on that, that is why I think and I am working in that lineage on the other side. His mother says that if you want to persuade Ragini, then you have to give her a gift, if you have come here, then she brings a gift and blindfolds your mother and brings it to her room.

But Ridhima gets scared because once before when she blindfolded her, there was a statue of Ragini in front of her, then she was thinking the same, so she was afraid that she does not know what gifts have come this time and when the dynasty has its eyes When she removes the bandage, she sees a beautiful toy in front of which a girl is dancing and she is scared to see it and says that you want to prove to me by giving me this gift that you will still have my gestures But this is how to dance, but the offspring says that I had brought this gift to apologize to you, but you have misinterpreted it and you are taking this very wrong meaning of my feeling and tension. I apologize and he even speaks sorry to her, after that Riddma starts leaving, then she opens Ridhima’s blouse by mistake and Riddhima goes to Sharma and voice says sorry that I didn’t do it intentionally and then says that I tie it but it says that I will do it myself and after that vansh says that in trust I will put my eyes Close and tie it

And then I start doing all that by closing my eyes and Ritu I also close my eyes, in the meantime there is a romantic atmosphere between them and after that the stage gets hurt a bit, fidgeting very much in the fridge. And puts her finger in her mouth and says that there is too much blood coming out. After that Kabir’s mother gets a letter stating that Riddhima is pregnant and the letter is lost from her and she goes home. I know all the people are pregnant in the work. All the people come to Riddhima and the flesh and they say that you guys have not told us that Riddhima is pregnant, then both of them are also surprised how it happened. Riddhima and Vansh think that they have to find out about this, Riddhima says that if I did not do any test, then how did this report come and she is all surprised that she is pregnant yet we will see further whether this report is really pregnant. Is incorrect and who sent this report will know further