Next we will see that Anupriya says that if it is my fault then I should be punished in front of Mata Rani and she lifts the trident of Mata Rani and starts beating her stomach, then the stage moves her hand and that trident Gets on the clan’s hand. And then we see that Anupriya starts doing drama and all the blame is put on my redeemer. After that we see that the descendant goes away and goes to his room and only Riddhima and Anupriya are left there, then Anupriya says how can you break the relationship between me and the family of tomorrow and Then Anupriya also leaves from there.

After that day those days go to your room and try to put the man on the bandage but the stage says that I have no need to strip you and then he starts going out of the room, Ridhima stops her by holding her hand and She starts bandaging it and then says that even the wounds give their own. The dynasty says that they do not give their wounds, they apply ointments.

Then Ansh says that if you had so much faith in me, then you do not inquire about Ragini’s murder again and do not talk the same thing again and again, Riddhima is shocked and silent. Then we see that I go away this time and we are talking to someone that we have lied that I have it soon and what we knew was that my mother had such a big secret It will be revealed that we will also know that they had a child. After this, what happens to the offspring is her sister Sia and she says that I am also fond of how this can happen. What was not even thought has happened.

And we see that Sia had seen all this while Ridhima was talking to Kabir and was talking about Ragini. And after that Siyane was heard talking to Anupriya and Ridhima when Ridhima says that I should have told Jeevansh only when you burned the original painting of the clan’s mother. Sia listens to all these things and then calls the offspring and tells them all these things and Siya discus is still happening.

We see that Riddhima is sitting in the temple and there she is thinking how can I make my scheme on the stage and then we see that grandmother comes there and she says that you but keep on God and You know how much she cares about her family and you also come in that family, so she cares about you too, so I have to be relaxed.

We see that Kabir’s phone comes on Ridhima’s mobile after that, but Riddhima has saved Kabir’s name as Sejal, then grandma says to talk to Sejal and snatch the phone from grandmother’s hand And when she starts picking up the phone, Riddhima again takes the phone from Grandma again and says that the common people are getting late for the puja, that’s why we will talk to water again and after that we see that Riddhima Ok I am alone I go and talk to Kabir.