The Episode begins with Vansh doing help to Riddhima’s hand. He says I would have not excused myself on the off chance that anything happened to you. Riddhima says the infant likewise has confidence on his father, that you will not allow anything to happen to him. He says nothing, I will get spruce up and come, I was unable to give you the shock. She says its the greatest joy that you are with me, the valentines didn’t end yet, I have something uncommon, pregnancy direct, every dos and donts are referenced in this book, I need to peruse this with you, kindly, do this as a valentines blessing, please. He grins. She expresses profound gratitude. They read the book together. Vansh thinks about the woman’s revile. He says no, I can’t do this. She asks what occurred. He says sorry Riddhima, I can’t do this. He goes. She asks what’s alarming him

so much, perhaps he is stressed for his infant’s wellbeing, whatever, on the off chance that I can encourage him love and make him best spouse, I will make him best dad. Somebody composes Riddhima on the mirror and breaks the mirror with a mallet. Its morning, the red gloves individual keeps a note in the sanctuary and stows away. Riddhima comes and sees the note. She peruses, your infant isn’t protected in VR chateau, soon this reality will come out.

She says who has kept this note, what does this mean. She sees somebody and calls out. The individual runs. She asks who are you. She pursues the individual and gets him. The individual drives her and flees. She requests that the gatekeepers get him.The individual bounces over the divider and escapes. The watchmen follow. Riddhima figures who would it be able to be, who needs to disclose to me that my child isn’t protected in his own home, I will eliminate the veil from this current individual’s face soon. Vansh says no Siya, I can never turn into a decent dad, I know its Riddhima’s greatest bliss, I know my vulnerability, how will I respond. Siya says truth is you will end up being a father, you can’t flee, on the off chance that we can’t change not many things, we ought to change, attempt once, please. He says you think I have no development, didn’t you see what’s going on, I can endure in the event that anybody assaults me, I can’t endure on the off chance that anybody assaults my family, my reasoning won’t ever change. Riddhima looks on and says Vansh is as of now stressed, I can’t make him stress more by showing this chit, I need to do this without anyone’s help, who needs to hurt me and my child, is it a similar individual who was wearing red hoodie. The red gloves individual fixes a string on the flight of stairs.

Riddhima goes higher up saying I must be more ready and discover who needs to hurt my child. She staggers by the string and shouts. Vansh holds her. He asks are you OK. Everybody comes. Riddhima says I tumbled down, yet Vansh saved me. Aryan asks it very well may be a genuine mishap, express gratitude toward God you are protected. Chanchal says Vansh saved you today, he will not be with you constantly, this family previously lost an infant, we can’t bear more distress, you are conveying this current relative’s. Vansh says Riddhima didn’t do this purposefully or via heedlessness. He requests that she fare thee well. He goes to answer a call. Ishani says I took a lot of care in my pregnancy, and still, after all that.. that was past, be careful, how did this occur. Riddhima reviews and says no, I recall that I felt a string on my foot, it ought to be here. Ishani requests that she search for it. She says you committed an error, don’t lie, it influences the child, be careful, stop this imprudence. Riddhima says I m not saying any falsehood.

Aryan says string would not vanish this way. They all go. Riddhima figures I can’t face such challenge ever. She goes to her room and sees a similar red hoodie fellow once more. She says who was it. She sees the messed up doll and gets a note. She peruses… the threat will build, one wrong move will complete everything, anything can happen any time. She stresses. She says who is he, he needs to execute my child or did he come to caution me, I guarantee I will find that individual after the puja tomorrow, I will discover who needs to hurt us. Its morning, Dadi asks pandit to check Vansh and Riddhima’s kundlis, tell the mahurat time, they will sit in the puja. Pandit checks and gets stunned. The glass breaks. Pandit says its a danger, Vansh don’t venture out of the house today. Vansh says its fine, you demolished my suit, what’s like this. Pandit says I needed to do this to stop you, I can see your future, a perilous occurrence will happen, don’t venture out of the house until puja occurs. Vansh says unfortunately I don’t have confidence in kundli, I need to go out.

Riddhima and Dadi demand him to remain back. Pandit says the coming infant additionally got focused on, is this valid or bogus. Chanchal says its right. Pandit says another infant will come. Dadi says Vansh and Riddhima will have their child. Pandit holds Riddhima’s brow and says its a major danger on Riddhima, Vansh and infant, she ought to be cautious till the puja, at times fallen angel wins, the whole family should be cautious till the puja night. Read More….