Vansh puts wine on his injury. He says if Riddhima sees blood and this injury, she will address. Riddhima thinks will I converse with Vansh. She sneaks past the blood drops. She sees Vansh and asks how could you get injured, you deal with everybody, not yourself. She really focuses on him and asks how could this occur. Vansh says wine bottle tumbled down, I was cleaning the glass and got injured. Riddhima says there is staff at home, you might have advised me. He says you were not at home, where did you go. She figures I can’t state reality. She says I went to get Siya’s drugs. He thinks why this falsehood is between us when there is a lot of adoration. She does the guide and kisses his hand. She says I won’t ever harmed you, I feel hurt when you get injured. He says you are as yet harming me. He wipes her tears. He says I can’t see your tears. She goes ground floor and slips. Kabir holds her hand. She expresses profound gratitude Vansh. She turns and sees Kabir. He says I realize you don’t care for me to contact you, I needed to save you, its great to do help to somebody’s injury. She chides him for spying and requests that he avoid her life. He asks is it acceptable to mislead your significant other, Vansh had shed his blood to dispose of his past, he lied about the wine bottle, you trusted him, you’re not such blameless and absurd. She asks how did Vansh get injured. He says you generally utilized your brain well during preparing, you can discover reality soon, let me caution you, the prize of your hardwork won’t be sweet. She says what did Kabir request that I find, did he intend to state about that vehicle, how is Vansh associated with this.

Worker takes the glass bits of the vehicle window. Riddhima stops him and gets some information about the glass pieces. Angre admonishes the worker and sends him away. She says I halted him to think about the glass pieces. He says manager won’t care for you to get into every single issue. He goes. She says for what reason is he carrying on abnormal, I need to discover. She sees the foot impressions. She follows. She says it implies he came from outside. Ishani inquires as to why not dispose of this vehicle, it had recently harmed us, I can’t see you like this, so much was grabbed from us, I recollect it, if you don’t mind eliminate this vehicle from your life for eternity. Vansh turns and says you are stating right, Ishani, its better to conceal this injury else… .He goes.

She says I wish this never occurred. Riddhima searches for the glass pieces. She thinks Angre is concealing something from me. She sees the vehicle covered by the dry leaves.

She says how to discover what’s inside these hedges. She tosses stones and hears a sound of striking metal. She says what can be inside this. She moves the leaves away and sees the minister vehicle. She asks is it occurrence, is it that vehicle by which my folks met with a mishap. She checks the old vehicle. Vansh gets lamp fuel and comes there.