Ishq mein marjawan 2 18 September 2020 written updates

In tonight’s episode, Riddhima sees Kabir going to the store room and I also follow her back to her back and follow her to the room and there she finds Kabir on Kabir and asks Kabir. Is that he belongs to a man with a word, he has come into this toy room and she starts searching for him somewhere and sometimes he catches him and says that you should focus on your mission and what you were sent to do. What are you doing? What is the pill that you have willed, what do you have to take from it and your mission is just to get you to punish the dynasty and that is why you should collect evidence against him and not find his murderer and Kabir’s He does a lot of drama in front and tries very hard to get Ridhima away from the lineage and instigates Ridhima against her and says that you do not want to get into her so much talk, I will pretend to love you but you will not get any Do not believe anything and keep your focus on your mission

Kabir goes on speaking and says that what you needed was when the bullet was fired then let him come in front of him and Riddhima is shocked that I know everything that I have come before him and that bullet is for the dynasty If it was to be fixed, then in the meantime, Kabir feels that I have spoken too much, then he puts Ridhima there and sits on it and explains to her with love that we have to punish her for her crimes and put her on bars To send him behind bars, that’s why you find that yellow gloved man of two mothers with me to send him behind bars

What we have to take from that man, whether the offspring goes to jail or if we do not have anything to take from him, Ridhima is shocked again and she says that whatever man he is, he is doing too much wrong and has done it to her. Upon hearing this, Kabir feels bad and convinces Riddhima that we should focus on our work except for that shooter and fills a lot of dirty things against Kabir in his mind and then from the store room Sends out, Riddhima walks out of the store room and goes straight to her bedroom and goes straight into the descent and asks Mansi that you should sit in the house and relax and go for a walk but never go anywhere for so long. And he gives her medicines but I do not take medicines and says that she says more and says that why do you keep worrying about me so much, I say that since you have saved my life since then To save your life has become my responsibility, that’s why I will not let you come till today and in the meantime Riddhima says that if He is so worried about me, so why not find that shooter, then he says that I will find that suitor and I have put a private team behind him and he will definitely find him and other thing I have more than my life The family is concerned, so the person who can enter my house and shoot in the house, how can I let him go so easily

After that Riddhima gives medicine and Riddhima gets hiccups and he grabs Riddhima and starts romancing with her when he cooks and cooks. Goes and when all this happens, he says that my mother used to say that if we clean someone’s mind, then its her, it goes away after that, I went away from there but her pallu is there. But is adamant with the table, but she feels that the stage has caught her, so she speaks to her, “Leave me, when I turn back, I am from descent, I am from descent, I am from descent. So Sauri speaks from the clan and Sudhakar goes away from there and the shooter is also looking at his room on the other side, after that the shooter is talking to Kabir in the room and D’Souza comes there. And she looks at the shooter and says that you were the one who shot that day, that shooter catches it and now presses her mouth and catches it in the store room and this is where the episode ends.