shouts at Aryan saying he killed Kiara. Aryan denies. He tells what happened that day. A FB shows. Aryan comes to his room. He finds Kiara struggling to breath. He gets water for her and finds she’s dead. He panics that he will be accused of her murder. She takes her in his arms and goes out. FB ends. Ishani feels relieved that Aryan isn’t the killer. Ishani and Aryan decide to teach a lesson to Riddhima.

Vansh asks Riddhima why she’s questioning Anupriya. Riddhima asks if he doesn’t doubt Anupriya and asks why he went to her room. Vansh says that he went there for some other reason and he doesn’t think that Anupriya knows about the firetorch. Riddhima says they have to find how the firetorch reached there. Vansh says it seems she knows lot of information about Kiara’s murder and asks her to tell.

Riddhima says that milk and peanut butter are found in the kitchen and Anupriya and Chachi have access to it. She then says that the firetorch is in the storeroom and Anupriya has the storeroom key. She says that she has doubt on Anupriya as all evidence indicate towards her. Vansh refuses to accept it. Vansh says that milk and peanut are forcibly given to Kiara. He adds that someone knew that Kiara is allergic to milk and peanut. The firetorch is used to burn her tattoo. Her voice was recorded when she was shouting for help. He says that Kiara’s death place is different from the place where they find her body. He explains that she died between 9 to 10 and her body was thrown down at 11pm exactly when he got Kiara’s call. Vansh shows a piece of cloth that he got from the terrace and says it was put on Kiara’s mouth so that she doesn’t shout. Riddhima asks what happened between Kiara’s death and her body was thrown down. Vansh says that Kiara must have run to get her medicine or help. Riddhima says that she might have reached Aryan’s room. Riddhima says that it all could be a simple theory and asks how he can be so sure that Kiara was already dead when she fell down. Vansh tells her what’s written in the autopsy report. Riddhima thanks him for explaining her the autopsy report. Vansh smiles. He hugs her and praises her smartness.

All family members are waiting for Riddhima in Vansh room. When Riddhima comes, Ishani tells that Riddhima is checking in everyone’s room. Dadi demands Riddhima answer. Riddhima says that she’s searching evidence for Kiara’s murder. Ishani says that Riddhima’s room should also be checked. Riddhima denies. Dadi asks why her room shouldn’t be searched. Riddhima says that she got some clues and shows Kiara’s candy and she got from Aryan’s room. Ishani says how they can trust Riddhima and says that she could’ve placed it in Aryan’s room to trap him. Aryan also supports Ishani. Riddhima denies. Aryan and Ishani keep accusing Riddhima. Dadi shouts stop. She takes the candy from Riddhima and says it will go back to Kiara.

Vansh says to Angre whoever killed Kiara knows about the tattoo and its connection with the black box. Vansh doubts Aryan could be the killer. Angre asks why he would’ve killed Kiara. Vansh says that the tattoo is the key for the black box. Aryan would’ve got it picture then he didn’t have need of Kiara.

Riddhima goes to the washroom and coughs due to stomach. She gets shocked finding the same message written on the mirror. She tries to wipe it off. Vansh comes there.
: Vansh tells that everyone’s phone will be checked. Aryan demands Vansh and Riddhima’s phone to be checked first. Dadi agrees. Dadi checks Vansh phone then Riddhima’s. Riddhima looks nervous. Read more……