Ishq Mein Marjawan 2, 17th February 2021 Written Episode Updates

The Episode begins with Riddhima requesting that Vansh show her the astonishment. She says I truly need to see this spot. He thinks this spot is wonderful, yet short of what you. She says I can feel everything, simply open the blindfold. Vansh opens the blindfold. She grins seeing the wonderful enrichments. Ishq mein marjawan… ..plays… .. She says your little lovely amazements cause me to feel uncommon. He kisses her. He shows her fav pasta.

She says pasta smells decent, I trust it tastes great. He takes care of her the pasta. She says I m your better half, I understand what you will do. Her fantasy closes. Kabir figures I can hardly imagine how you are before me. She says Vansh, I need to see your face. Kabir disappears and says some time more, I m getting that feeling like I felt when you saw you for the first


time, I will get those days back. She thinks I m fortunate to get a spouse like Vansh, I love you Vansh. Vansh figures where can Riddhima go, I didn’t call Riddhima in the lawn, it implies she is in some issue. He gets Ishani’s call and gets some information about Riddhima, where is Kabir. Ishani says no, Kabir is at home. He says how might anybody know our arrangements. Kabir surrenders a jewelry to Riddhima.


She says thank you so much Vansh. Kabir thinks I love you as well. She says make me wear it. He makes her wear it. He thinks I was holding on to contact you, believe you, glad valentines day Riddhima. She requests that Vansh say something, is it his Maun vrath. Vansh checks for Riddhima’s area. He doesn’t get network. He says I will not lose. He tracks her area and drives ahead. She says you didn’t utter a word, I feel bizarre. Kabir hits the dance floor with her. Ishq mein marjawan… .plays… . She says your answer was acceptable, you realize this is one of my fav melodies. He holds her and embraces. She drives him away and says you’re not Vansh, where did you take me, don’t contact me, free my hands.Kabir figures I did a great deal to go through a lovely night with you, what are you doing Riddhima. Riddhima yells Vansh. Vansh says for what reason do I feel like she is calling me for help, I m coming Riddhima. Riddhima says free my hands. Kabir blows up. She yells a great deal. She says Vansh will slaughter you. He figures how might you compromise me of Vansh. She says you don’t have the foggiest idea about my Vansh, else you would have not thought about this, he will murder you. Kabir thinks don’t take Vansh’s name, I let completely go on hearing his name, don’t ruin this day. He holds her. She says leave me. She battles and liberates her hands. She slaps him. She eliminates the blindfold. He flees and stows away. She asks where did you cover up, come out, show me your face, I will disclose to Vansh what your identity is, you have done something modest with you. He says Vansh constantly, simply stop me, don’t make me defenseless.

She cries and says no utilization to cover up, my Vansh would be coming. Vansh shows up. She gets injured by a light. She covers up. Kabir says sorry, I didn’t wish to hurt you, for what reason do you take Vansh’s name, I wish I could sympathize with your distress. Vansh comes and yells Riddhima. She embraces him and cries.


Kabir says how did Vansh come here. She says I m fine. He asks what occurred. She says I thought its you, somebody got me here, I truly didn’t have a clue. He says unwind, I have come. Kabir looks on indignantly. He tosses a jar. She yells Vansh and saves him. Kabir flees. Vansh follows Kabir. Kabir escapes. Vansh returns to Riddhima. He embraces her. He says he got saved, did you think about him. She says no, he didn’t let out the slightest peep, I comprehended its not you by his scent. He says I think he was Kabir, in any case, I will not allow anything to happen to you. She embraces him and says I realized you will come, you saved your child by and by, you know what, you have just become the world’s best dad. He says I just came for you, Riddhima.

Vansh brings her home. He asks you OK. She says yes. He yells Kabir. Ishani asks where is Kabir. Kabir comes and asks what occurred. Vansh says don’t act, reveal to me where were you till now. Ishani says Kabir was here, I advised you. Vansh inquires as to for what reason is his state this way. Kabir says I planned to wash up, what occurred. Vansh says you ought to have concocted a decent rationalization. Ishani says he was causing me in cultivating, you used to help me, however you are occupied now, so I took his assistance, he went for a shower. Kabir asks what occurred. Riddhima says somebody abducted me and took me to a bizarre spot, don’t have the foggiest idea what did he need. Kabir says don’t stress, express gratitude toward God you both are protected, I will discover, I m a police officer. Vansh says no need, she is my significant other, I can discover the guilty party and rebuff him.Riddhima reveals to Vansh that she needs to peruse pregnancy direct with him. They begin perusing. Unexpectedly, he gets up saying no, he can’t do this.



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