Dadi and everybody come. Dadi says Bappa won’t help you, he helps the genuine individuals. She stops Vihaan and says Kabir revealed to me everything, this is your modest truth. She shows the pic. She reprimands Riddhima. She pours lamp fuel on herself and lights fire. Riddhima yells Dadi. Her creative mind closes.

Dadi asks what occurred, Bappa won’t help you, since you didn’t light the diya. Vihaan and Riddhima light the diya. Riddhima thinks express gratitude toward God, Dadi knew nothing. Dadi favors and embraces her. She says there is another astonishment for you. She shows the birthday cake. Riddhima says your favors matter more to me. Vihaan says my amazement is forthcoming.

He gets a note wreath. He says I m making Ghar Laxmi wear dollars wreaths, on the off chance that she is glad, at that point we will get cash shower. Ishani asks since when did you begin breaking jokers. Vihaan makes Riddhima wear the wreath and wishes her. He asks how could you like it. Kabir says cheerful birthday Riddhima, I m sure this birthday will be extremely exceptional. Dadi asks Riddhima to cut the cake.

Riddhima wishes to get the pic back. She brushes off the candles and cuts the cake. Some red shading water sprinkles out of the cake, all over. Everybody gets stunned. Vihaan says blood, what occurred. Ishani reviews infused the fluid in the cake. She grins. Dadi asks Ishani what’s this awful joke. Ishani says I have requested the cake, I didn’t make it. She says its cherry juice, possibly the cake producer added much in it. Dadi asks Riddhima to take care of the cake to everybody. Riddhima takes care of it. Vihaan wishes her once more. Dadi says there is one more astonishment from Kabir. Kabir grins. Dadi says Kabir is lamenting a ton, so he needs to keep your birthday celebration, so we as a whole will be a piece of it. Riddhima figures Kabir can’t think great, I know his intention, he needs to advise Vihaan and my fact to everybody. Kabir says Vansh bhai, I m sure you will get a lot of satisfaction by this gathering. Vihaan says I m happy that you are arranging this gathering, its something major, you failed to remember everything and need to praise my significant other’s birthday. Kabir gestures. He gets an amazement. Riddhima thinks did he conceal the pic. Kabir figures passing doesn’t have the torment like in the hang tight for death. He grins.

Kabir says Riddhima, don’t endeavor to discover the pic, I will blessing it to you before everybody. Vihaan and Riddhima dance on Malang… . Kabir goes along with them on the dance floor. He says I have arranged an uncommon video for Riddhima. Everybody gets stunned.