Ishq mein marjawan 2 17 September 2020 written update

Ishq mein marjawan episode starts with Riddhima and Kabir, Ridhima asks them what are you doing. I say that I am very worried for you. That is how she came to see him, Kabir remembers this That how they conspired against him is similar, Ridhima is about to be hugged, that Ridhima retreats.

In the same way, you will see that while questioning my mind, why does the man come between 5 and the bullet. Similarly, he accuses him of supporting the stage and forgetting his mission. Ridhima starts asking him why you are doing such things. However he speaks of a person with yellow documents.

After this you will see that Kabir tries to provoke Riddma against Mines and asks her to leave the car for the person with yellow documents and tries to collect evidence against Ragini.

Riddhima starts to think that Kabir was right, because he is helping him and he is collecting evidence against Ragini. She collides with the voice and they ask her whether you have taken the medicine or not, Riddhima says that she will take it later. Ancestry suppresses the mind. Similarly, Maan embraces Sritama and tries to get close to her, Ridma is shocked.

On the other side you will see that Kabir starts asking the masked man that after checking the knowledge, what is Ridhima doing, Veer starts to think that he will send the clan to prison through Ridhima.

When Riddhima is about to leave, her bag gets stuck with something, Brijmohan asks to leave the city, but the clan says that I have not caught your address, it is stuck with the table, asking the descent Hey mind you have a habit of blaming someone in everything. Vanshi tells Riddhima to rest. Riddhima asks Ridhima why she is so worried for him. Dynasty says that you have saved my life.

Next you will see that Vansh and Riddhima talk about a person with yellow documents. Mandsaur tells the brain today that I will soon find the person with that yellow document. Some of his men tell about the plan of Kabir Korisma and clan. Kabir tells the plan to save the masked person from them. The episode ends like this.