Next we will see that the preparations for worship in the house are going on because Navratri is about to begin. Watching the film, your mind selects a sports for yourself and says that I am wearing this suit. After that we see that the dynasty tells all the people to gather down. And Aryan’s mother goes to Anupriya’s room and says that Anupriya Di dynasty has called all of us down, don’t know which secret is going to open.

And then we see that Anupriya says why you are afraid of what crime you have done and if you are scared of this mind so much, then when you kidnapped Sejal, all this was to be thought about. Then she starts asking how do you know all this, then Anupriya says before her that out of hurry, the dynasty has called us and all the descendants gather together and speak that I am going to tell you all a truth. Have been And then tells that there is a member in our family who is cheating me a lot and has betrayed me a lot, then Anupriya says that I know she is a person Riddhima, so the stage shouts That person is you mother.

Hearing this, Anupriya is absolutely shocked and has thought that the dynasty has come to know about the relationship between me and Kabir, that’s why it is speaking like this. And then Manish says that I could never feel that you too can do such a poor job, then those dear ones ask what son I have done, then he tells that you had burnt my mother’s painting. Anupriya thinks that Vansh is getting angry on such a thing, she does not know anything about me and Kabir, then she becomes happy and starts to pretend and thinks a new story in her mind. Anupriya puts her hand on the holdings placed in front of the idol of Mata and says that I swear I will speak the truth today, she deliberately says that Riddhima had blackmailed me to do all this.