Ishq Mein Marjawan 2, 16th February 2021 Written Episode Updates

The Episode begins with Riddhima saying I can hardly wait for the second when we will have our infant in our grasp, I have another shock for you, you have missed the second today so I have recorded this. She causes him to hear the infant’s pulse. Vansh and Riddhima cry. She says I feel you will end up being the world’s best dad. He wipes his tears and rests to rest. She lies adjacent to him. Ishq mein marjawan… .plays… She believes what’s the dread that is getting you far from the world, I will associate you with your infant. Vansh reviews the infant’s pic and heartbeat. Its morning, Rudra praises Chanchal. She asks what befallen you today. He sings a tune for her. He says I have an amazement for you. He makes her wear a jewelry. He says cheerful valentine day. She says you have skilled

me a gold accessory, my first love I love gold, you are my subsequent love, much obliged. He asks you like it. Ishani and Angre return home. She says you made me leave the film and got me home, what’s wrong. He gets on knees and blessings her a ring. He says cheerful valentines day, I love you Ishani. She says to you too Angre, I love you. He makes her wear the ring. They embrace.


Vansh gets Riddhima. She says you frightened me, it was an awful joke. He says you ought to be frightened, I m going to abduct you today. She asks seize? You think its simple to grab me, on the off chance that I tell about my better half, your thought process will transform, he prepared me well to manage such individuals. He grins. He asks what’s this, reptile. She shouts and asks where is it, make it away. She embraces him. He says your preparation bombed here, you got frightened of a reptile, I think your significant other prepared you to manage hijackers, yet not on getting saved from their stunts. He kisses her hand. He gets on his knees and asks would you be my valentine, just you, me and our adoration, you will be my sweetheart, keep aside all the relations, I will hijack you and take you to some unique spot. She holds her hand and says I m excitedly standing by to get grabbed, done. They embrace. Somebody is outside their entryway.


Riddhima lights the diya and goes to Bappa and Mata Rani. She says last two occurrences frightened me, I m getting a solid inclination that somebody is startling me. She says I realize you will save me and my infant from each risk, Vansh is frightened to turn into a dad, its daily of affection, I won’t converse with him about the child, simply favor us, there will be love and joy. She keeps blossoms close to the symbol. Her dress stalls out there. She goes. The diya gets passed over. Riddhima sees a card there. She says Vansh considers shocks consistently. Somebody with red gloves look on. Riddhima peruses, your amazement is sitting tight for you in the patio, meet me in 60 minutes. She says fine, I will prepare and pause. She prepares and comes first floor. Siya praises her and asks where are you going on date. Riddhima says Vansh arranged an amazement for me. Siya says you should go soon, Vansh doesn’t care to pause. Riddhima crashes into Aryan. Red gloves tumble from his pocket. He says glad valentines day, Bhabhi. She says same to you Aryan. She goes. He picks the gloves. She says Vansh would be hanging tight for me. She sees Chanchal there and grins. Chanchal gazes furiously. Riddhima asks Ishani what’s happening with she. Ishani says a feathered creature used to come at my window consistently, the fledgling got executed by some shooter, I was covering the fowl. Riddhima says I can comprehend the agony, sorry, fare thee well. She goes. Ishani follows. Riddhima gets down on Vansh.

Somebody comes and blindfolds her. She says I thought you are kidding, at any rate I m energized. He limits her options moreover. She says Vansh, you don’t have to do this, I m prepared to accompany you, on the off chance that this is your arrangement, at that point fine, what’s your arrangement, will not you reveal to me anything. Her bangles pad and fall there. Angre says I addressed him. Vansh gets some information about precious stones. Angre says he said he conveyed genuine jewels. He says how did the jewels get transformed, we need to discover, we can’t make Chang calm. His telephone signals. He says I needed to go to Riddhima, keep me insider savvy on the off chance that you know anything about the jewels. He searches for Riddhima.


He says she isn’t in the washroom. Siya says you are here, you called Riddhima to the terrace, what are you doing here. He says I didn’t call her. She says she said you arranged shock for her, so she went there. He says I will just come.


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