Riddhima says that you have played many games, return me property and leave. Vihaan says that you have not known me yet, I had won. He cuts the rope and breaks free. She shouts to Vihaan. He says Riddhima, makes the game big, you will write me that I will get 50% of the wealth of the forest, and I will not give you NOC, I have to give an application to apply to IM Alive, IM dynasty, I I will give it when we have this 50-50 agreement, simple. She sees the knife. He steps on it. She says get me out of it. He says, why, its hard choice to get out of this, now you have no choice, if you go to family and are not telling IM for real, you will pay for it, Dadi .. If anything happens to her, can you bear it? . Riddhima remembers Dadi’s words. He says, the decision is yours, both of us will have assets of 50-50, and you will be empty handed, I will prove that you were the daughter-in-law of this House, you were a detective, I would become a descendant and be the sole owner of the property. . He says its easy to cut Kabir’s web, but it is not one, you will always be stuck, its very hard, you are here to defeat me Kabir, how you will beat me, you can. He removes Web Trap and Smiles.

He thinks what I did, I married Kabir here to save the family, but he is a big devil, how do I save the family. Vihaan says, I can wait for your answer, your life, your dream and these documents can burn ashes at any time. Go ahead, she says, it costs nothing more than the Ashes. He called us did you go mad. He asks her to check her sign once. He believed that every sign. She asks that you have seen me signing the papers, the objection is authentic. Vihaan checks and gets angry. She says there are two players, both will win the game together and lose together, if my truth comes out, the family will leave me, maybe they will send me to jail, what do you think, I will leave you , My statement is to the police that you were taking a fee from me and were involved with me, you know what I can do, I will not leave you, your greedy face has come to the fore, I think you have money Should be happy im paying, virus can be strong, its antivirus is made someday. he smiles. She says, Think, Deal or Jail, I Was Weight for Your Reply All Life. He thinks that if this plan fails, everything will go wrong. She goes. Vihaan says that he is crazy to get property, either way, well, it would be fun to fight with him.

Riddhima wears Vans shirt and crease. He says, I miss you a lot. She misses him. She says, I wish you were here and fight your enemies, I think of you a lot, I am not able to think. He becomes the gift of descent in the cupboard. She says this is what she kept for me. He quickly sits down to open the gift. He sees dancing couple showpiece gifts and smiles. She reads…. Hi sweetheart, happy birthday in advance. She makes a habit and effort to make life beautiful. He reads the letter…. I know you like challenges, I have prepared a challenge for you, you know that the world is full of mystery around me, but my life is the biggest, I want to uncover such a mystery, You have to arrive before 12, you will reach it before your birthday, it will never know. He says just 3 hours for my birthday, to be true, I think I saw this somewhere. He examines the letter. Vihaan comes and opens the light. He takes the letter. He thinks she may know this. He says that there is something special in this paper, so you are reading it in secret. She does not say anything. He studies He gets Ted. He found The Paper Blanc. He said that you were staring at blank paper. He thinks about how the ink disappeared. She says yes.

He asked while painting Ishani’s room here. He thought it was written about the Guptas. She says that it is not used for you. He goes. She turns off the lights and is ready to see the text again. She says it means that the dynasty has written with ink that appears in the light of the candle, it means that it is a big mystery, I have to find it, Vihaan helped inadvertently, in the room of its sign. Painting of. He puts the letter in the vase. She goes to Ishani’s room. Vihaan stops him and handcuffs him. She asks in this regard, open it. He says tell me, what was written in that paper, there was some information that I understood, that means some special person wrote it, its descendant letter, authority. She says that there is no difference between descent and me. He says relax, one answer can set you free. She says that this time, I will let you blackmail, leave me. He says think again. She says, fine, do anything you want. He throws the key again. She Shots Are You Mad. He says that you should have thought before, I was feeling hungry, I am going to dine at the food table. She says, we can go like this, what will we answer them. He said that I thought, wait, the problem is yours. She remembers the words of the dynasty. He thinks about what to do.