Ishq Mein Marjawan 2

In today’s episode you will be shown that Kabir tries to call someone but he is not picking up the call. He wants Riddhima to misunderstand that Ishani is a yellow gloved person. Similarly, you will see that when he is near the clan, Ridhima tells him that I do not know who is this first person, similarly you will see that Eridma comes very much thinking about that man. Ridhima feels tired,

That is why the clan tells him to sit, Riddama says that the person is very dangerous. Vansh thanks Ridhima for saving her life. Riddhima has full faith in the dynasty that she has tried a lot to find the man, she tries hard to find out who is the person in yellow clothes thinking it is someone from our family. Similarly, the mysterious person is keeping an eye on Ridhima.

You will see that the clan is very angry, and his mother asks him what happened, he tells them nothing but his mother says I know you are angry because Ridhima blames Ishani for this Is attributed.

Likewise, Dynasty starts asking what he is talking about. Dynasty says it is talking about a person with yellow documents, Anupriya suggests convincing the clan that there is only his illusion. That he has to gain his trust, he tells them to remove the yellow person from the mind.

The next day you will see that Ridhima is falling in love but she is scared thinking about the person with the yellow document. The pallu of her sari falls. When I come in the room, Gaya catches her. He wanders over there and starts apologizing and asks if he should help Riddhima go further and asks him how he knows how to wrap a sari, the offspring says that God has given every person a lot of effort. The latter is made and every person is different. Karizma gives her pallu and asks her to close her eyes. They spend time with each other. Riddhima stands in front of the mirror and is very happy to see that sari. She tells the dynasty that I did not know that you consider such a good sari. There is much more I can do that you cannot even think about.

He tells him not to insist on a person with yellow documents. She knows that her suspicion is on the tip and tells her to believe that she is on her side and is trying her best to find that person. You will see that he says that whenever we get a clue, we will indicate to you, Riddha hunts for this, Manish starts smiling and goes from there. But he does not pick up Veer’s phone.

Kabir asks the man that you found someone whom we can blame, he gets angry because he has no answer and he scolds him and says that you do not know what this mission is for. They say that all this is happening because the dynasty has to trust Riddama back and start to find out about Ragini again, but I can’t do that because she can’t. Riddhima’s mind is stuck on a person with yellow documents.

You will see that Aridma decides to keep herself happy with it because a person with yellow documents can be dangerous for her. It keeps a stick with itself. You will see that sometime ask that person to find a goat of sacrifice in karma for Ridhima. Similarly, you will see that Riddhima opens the door of the store room, Kabir turns around and sees Riddhima, seeing her there and goes to the square. This is how the episode ends.