Next we will see that the photo of Anupriya dynasty is being burnt, and it is bad to say that I gave so much love to the dynasty more than my immediate son. But today the same forum has tried to shoot my son Kabir. I will definitely take revenge for this from the dynasty. And whichever I wish, I will never be able to forgive the dynasty because from childhood till today I was protecting the dynasty as a shield, but by treating it like this with my immediate son, he has mixed all that in the mud and now I too keep quiet I will not stay

After that we see that all the pictures of the Anupriya dynasty burn in the fire and then she says that if my secret is revealed on the dinner table tonight, I will also open the secret of Ridhima. And I will tell everything about Riddhima to the forum that she has come to cheat you at home and has been cheating you since day one. Because with whom I loved the most, you have hearted me through that, now I will warm you in the same way.

On the other side there, the clan and Riddhima are talking in their room and Riddhima gives a gift to the clan on which he has made a picture of the clan. The offspring likes him very much and the offspring tells him that if you want to stay in this room or not, but this picture will always stay here, Ridhima is shocked to hear that why such a descendant told him what Burning has told everything about me and Kabir. After that we see that Manish also gives a gift to Ridhima and when she sees Ridhima in her, there is a gun in it. In the same way, in the Gun dynasty, Riddhima was given on the wedding day and said that I do not like those who cheat me at all and if you ever cheat to try to cheat me, then before getting to know myself with this gun Take a shot And he gives the same gun again to Ridhima and Riddhima comes to know that the stage has come to know everything about me.

Ishq mein marjawan 2 17 October 2020 Written Updates

Then we see that Kabir reaches his house and sees that Sejal is there. And Kabir comes to know that the dynasty has lied the most and he was playing the game. He then tries to tell the truth to Ridhima and calls her from Sejal’s mobile but Riddhima is with the clan so she is unable to pick up the phone and Kabir then sends her a photo of Sejal and Riddhima comes to know. That Sejal is with Kabir and she becomes certain.

After that the stage tells Riddhima that I lied that the channel coming in the house was an employee of mine, whose name I have saved from my mobile under the name of Jal but I know that there is some such thing Whoever is trying to cheat me at home, but I will keep track of him.