Vansh takes out a container and opens it. There is a memento inside it. He takes a gander at it and reviews Riddhima having the other half. He says in the event that Riddhima gets some answers concerning this memento, at that point all that will be finished. He can’t permit anybody to divide him and his adoration. Riddhima is thinking in the event that Vansh knew, at that point he would tell. She’s befuddled whether Vansh knows anything. He takes the memento and places it in his pocket. He says now nobody will get some answers concerning the past. Riddhima is looking for Vansh. Lights go off. She goes in cellar. Kabir says now it will be entertaining. She sees a shadow and strolls in, yet nobody is there. She ponders whose shadow was it at that point. She finds a note there which finds out if she completely knows her better half. She contemplates whether this has association with her folks’ mystery. She considers not getting some information about it as after long, circumstance has improved between them. Kabir watches and says he simply needs to stand by until Riddhima becomes irritated.

Angre ponders who needs to make question in Riddhima’s brain. Ishani, Aryan, and Chanchal state she will begin with new spying now. Angre says they are over reasoning. Ishani says he can make them calm, yet how he will make Riddhima calm. She will without a doubt attempt to discover the mystery. Yet, in the event that this time, she harms Vansh, at that point she won’t extra her. Chanchal concurs saying this time it’s regarding her folks.

Riddhima is thinking those letters are attempting to make distinction among her and Vansh. She sees Vansh’s coat and gets it to take care of it. Vansh sees and reviews he put the memento in that coat’s pocket. He runs and gets it. As Riddhima doesn’t question, he makes her wear the coat and says he needs to invest sentimental energy with her with no aggravation. It’s been some time. He attempts to take out the memento, yet she returns holding the coat. She says she won’t allow him to approach that without any problem. He pulls her to him, sits on his knees and kisses her gut. She takes the coat and puts over their heads. He figures out how to take out the memento. They were going to kiss, however he slips and they fall in the bed. She sees the memento and contrasts and hers. She says it’s the other piece of her memento. One section stayed with her and different was with her mom. How the other portion of the memento is with him? He says she revealed to him once that she just has half, so he made the other half with a gem dealer as he most likely is aware how significant that memento is for her. He needed to amaze her by giving it as a blessing. She embraces him and says it’s the best blessing ever. He gave her adolescence back. He thinks sorry, I needed to lie. There was no alternative. You have no clue about the amount I love you. I can’t face challenge of losing you. I can’t see you disappearing from me ever. She expresses gratitude toward him again and chooses to give rest of night to him. She requests to go out for supper. He says sure.

It’s morning. Riddhima emerges from shower. She drops water all over with her wet hair and grins. He awakens and pulls her to him. She says somebody will see. He says entryway is bolted. It’s a particularly lovely morning. In the event that he could get a kiss, at that point it would be wonderful morning. He further says in the event that she doesn’t give him a kiss, at that point he won’t leave her. She deceives him and deliveries herself. She goes to prepare. He makes her wear income, at that point mangalsutra. He gets a call and goes to go to it. She finds a note from her adornments box. She discreetly peruses and it’s again about parent’s mystery. It requests that she start from place where she grew up. She thinks this is getting unpredictable. She contemplates the halfway house. She rules against conversing with Vansh about it. Vansh’s call closes. She inquires as to whether she should make breakfast. He says alright. She leaves. Kabir gets her hand. She asks how could he. He conditions her and she is in situation once more. She chooses to settle the secret, however without allowing it to influence her relationship. She thinks there is just a single individual who can help her.

Riddhima comes to meet a woman in her shelter. Vansh comes behind her. She asks the woman how she came to halfway house. She needs to think about her folks. What occurred, how everything occurred… whatever she knows.