In today’s episode, you will see that when this Ridhima is sleeping, she thinks about the masked man who shot on stage. She is getting very upset thinking about him, when the descent comes there and asks her to rest, Ridhima tells the stage everything, there is someone about the masked who both of us Wants to kill That’s why he should take care of himself.

On this side you will see that the dynasty will say to Riddhima that I am not so stoned, that someone has saved my life by putting his life at stake, that is why it is also my duty to take full care of him. And you need not worry, I will definitely find that masked man. Similarly, the dynasty tells Ridhima to rest and goes out.

And he will tell Adi that who is behind me and Ridhima’s life, whoever he is, where Ridhima is not even with you, then only because you will come there. And will tell the dynasty not to say all these things and tell him that you should do the nation.

On the other side you will see that Grandma tells Riddhima that the clan had gone to the temple for the first time for you. And for that too worship that Riddhima becomes attentive after listening. And Riddhima comes to her room.

When she comes to her room, she will get a message written with lipstick on the glass. On which it would be written that “Do not even reach out to me, you will be responsible for every wrong step and wrong decision, seeing that Riddhima gets nervous, and gives voice to the dynasty, only then the dynasty comes there, along with the family members. Everyone comes there. When the descendants and family members come to Ridhima, Riddhima tells them that something was written on the glass. When they see the mirror, they say nothing is written here. All of them It is said that you need to rest, so relax.

Similarly Riddhima suspects ashani, and she goes to her room, and she sees him applying lipstick, and gets shocked. ashani will come out of there and riddhima will go to her room to get lipstick. You will see that ashani will see Ridhima going into her room. And she will tell all the family members that Aridma was wearing her lipstick. All the family members will be shocked to hear this.

Only then will Ridhima tell everyone that some of his men are none but ashani, similarly you will see that the stage will ask him to rest and get angry.

Now you will need to know who wants to kill Riddhima and who is some of their men.