Dadi faints and then we see that all the housemates go to their rooms and hold the hand of the Redeemer Kabir and throw him out of the house and ask that you get out of here and never take my mind Kabir then says that the story of the dynasty is already over and you can come to me again. Then we see that Riddhima says that I will never forgive you and I am the wife of only dynasty and will be his only wife.

After that we see that the boy who happens to be with Kabir asks that if we found the dead body of the clan, then where did she go. After that Kabir says that there is no wild animal in that forest that will take his body somewhere, I think that the funeral of his dead body will not be destined.

Then we see that someone is dragging the dead body of 22. And we also see that the clan is alive and someone checks his body and then his purse comes out and the id of the clan is proof and he comes to know that this clan is Raisinghania. Then we see that the man pours petrol on the dead body of the dynasty and sets it on fire.