Ishq mein marjawan 2 14 September 2020 written update

In today’s episode, you will be shown that when the Vanshis leave the room, after that the masked man was silent, comes out and goes towards Ridhima.

Descent Angre says that this is a very dangerous situation because someone has entered his house. Angre says that the CCTV company still cannot tell how all the cameras went off together yesterday. Vanshi starts thinking who can do this.

You will see that the masked man tries to kill Ridhima, he knocks Ridhima down. Sitaram Wise comes rumbling and is surprised to see Ridhima lying on the floor. He calls the nurse and the doctor while driving and quickly tries to get Ridhima to lie in bed.

Nurses and doctors run and Grandma and Sia also accompany them. Grandma asks if. The nurse tells everyone to go out of the room, Munch refuses to do this. Grandma says that let them do their work, similarly Siya takes them out, Vanshi is very upset.

You will see that after a while Munch comes into the room with grandma, and asks the doctor about Ridma, the doctor says that the oxygen was removed, that is why the oxygen dose was stopped if they did not feel conscious till morning. . Something can go wrong. They say that now you pray before God. Dadi says that he does not believe in God but Ridhima has saved his life, that is why he should pray in front of God for Ridhima’s sake. She tells the dynasty to believe in God, and says that it is God who can save Ridhima.

Similarly, the dynasty goes to the washroom and remembers only the widow, they also remember the grandmother. In the same way you will see that the clan stands in front of the idol of Ganesha, I talk to Lord Dinesh saying that it is about faith and he does not trust him but Ridma used to trust him a lot, God Kneels in front of K and prays to God that he has always saved his family by crossing all limits, but now this is the first time that someone has put his life at stake to save him.

Mines remembers Ridma’s words that she cannot bow down to anyone or thank anyone, but one day it will come that she will start believing in God. Similarly, Maan stands in front of the idol of Shri Ganapati with folded hands that he will do something to convince him that he is present. Because Riddhima wants to save.

You will see that all the families come there.
Chanchal says that Vanshi is praying to God for Ridhima but it has never happened that he should do so much for anyone. The dynasty tells everyone to recite the prayer, tears come in the eyes of the grandmother. In the same way, Grandma gives her the casket of vermilion and tells her that you ask to fill Ridhima’s mang as it has a lot of power. Daadi asks if Jae will reunite the two of them together. Similarly, he takes the vermilion box and walks towards the room.

You will see that where there is Ridhima, he comes to the same room, and sees the deaf mind. The dynasty fills Ridhima Manga with vermilion. Only then do you see that Riddhima starts breathing loudly, the dynasty gets very nervous and thinks what is happening. Buying opens her eyes and closes later. Vansh looks into the machine and sees that Ridhima’s heart is not beating anymore. He goes to Ram, he starts to remember his moments, the sindoor box falls from his hand.

Likewise suddenly this Ridhima takes her eyes, and her heart starts beating again. Dynasty asks him if he is alright. Similarly, Dadi also comes there and is happy to see Riddhima, that she has regained consciousness, she says that vermilion would have a lot of power.

You will see that family and doctors come there. The doctors say that I have never seen such a miracle in my life. Siya says that this is the power of love of the dynasty. The doctor tells everyone to go out and tells Ridma to rest because she is still weak. The doctor tells everyone to leave the room, except the descent.

Riddhima tries to get the nightstand water but he grabs her hand and says that the doctor has said that she needs to rest completely. Similarly, he pours water into the glass and feeds her water with her hand more than I do. Asks about water and food. Ridhima nods.

At dawn, Kabir shouts at the masked man, because Riddhima has seen the man. He says that he knows Ridhima, and he will make every effort to reach this far. He says that no one can stop him now. And that’s where the flashback starts. Riddhima is looking for a box on the dressing table, and remembers Grandma talking about a gift for them, she opens the time and finds a picture of Ragini with a middle-aged couple. A letter is also available. Ridhima read it and came to know that both are Ragini’s real parents.

She is now realizing that the dynasty was lying completely, when she said that Ragini does not have parents. It has been written in the letter, that everyone still loved Ragini, when her marriage award for Vanshi came. But she was a greedy girl, and had betrayed me. Grandma also wrote, that Mines has only truly loved her, and the message burns the relationship forever. The flashback ends right there .

And then Riddhima looks at the stage and thinks, what is it like, what is marriage but she has told the truth, and she thinks that she said that I can’t do that but she can’t understand it either She remembers knowing that another part of the story and she cannot let him die without knowing it. Right now, Vanashree tells the brain to sit there and give medicines. Ridhima sits on the bed monthly and presses her and asks if you have any monthly pressures her and asks if you have no answer. Is she not willing to give up? Your mother has medicine and I want her to say that a man has two sides, good side and bad side, but if we leave the good side and see his bad side then it is wrong. It is a matter The stage then says that it means that it is a heaven milk that came between him and his death, or maybe he can assume that it is just a bad name to win his trust and then give him a Kaal comes and that masked posh man is looking at Ridhima from one corner