The Episode begins with Riddhima saying you have played numerous games, return me the property and leave. Vihaan says you didn’t have any acquaintance with me yet, I won’t leave. He cuts the rope and gets free. She yells Vihaan. He says Riddhima, lets make the game greater, you will give it kept in touch with me that I will get half of Vansh’s property, else I won’t give you the NOC, I need to give an application to demonstrate that I m alive, I m Vansh, I will give it when we have this 50-50 understanding, basic. She sees the blade. He steps on it. She says get me out of this. He says why, its intense to escape this, you have no alternative, presently in the event that you go to family and tell that I m not genuine Vansh, at that point you will pay for it, Dadi… in the event that anything happens to her, would you be able to endure it. Riddhima reviews Dadi’s words. He says choice

is yours, we both will have 50-50 property, else you will be with practically nothing, I will demonstrate that you were never this current house’s bahu, you were a covert agent, I will become Vansh and be the single proprietor of the property. He says its simple to cut Kabir’s web, however not this one, you will consistently be caught, its extreme, you got me here to vanquish Kabir, in what capacity will you rout me, you can’t. He eliminates the web trap and grins.

She figures what did I do, I had got Vihaan here to spare the family from Kabir, however he is a greater demon, by what method will I spare the family from them. Vihaan says I can hardly wait for your answer all life, your fantasy and these papers can consume to remains any time. She says proceed, its cost is simply cinders. He asks did you go frantic. She requests that he check her sign once. He doesn’t see her sign. She asks did you see me marking the papers, NOC is pointless. Vihaan checks and blows up. She says there are two players, both will dominate the match together and lose together, in the event that my fact comes out, at that point family will leave me, possibly they send me to imprison, what do you figure, I will leave you, my assertion to the police that you were taking a charge from me and were engaged with me, you realize what can occur, I won’t extra you, your ravenous face has come out, I figure you should be content with the cash I m paying, infection can be solid, its antivirus is made sometime in the future. He grins. She says think, arrangement or prison, I won’t hang tight for your answer all life. She thinks if this arrangement comes up short, all that will turn out badly. She goes. Vihaan says she is insane to get the property, any way, its great, it will be amusing to battle with her.

Riddhima embraces Vansh’s shirt and cries. She says I miss you a great deal. She reviews him. She says I wish you were here and battled your adversaries, I consider you a great deal, I m not ready to think. She gets Vansh’s blessing in the cabinet. She says did he save this for me. She rapidly sits to open the blessing. She sees the moving couple masterpiece blessing and grins. She peruses… . hello darling, upbeat birthday ahead of time. She cries and says he had a propensity to make life delightful. She peruses the letter… . I realize you like difficulties, I have arranged a test for you, you know my general surroundings is loaded with secret, yet my life is the greatest one, I need to uncover one of such mystery, you need to arrive at it before 12, you need to arrive at it before your birthday, else it will never get uncovered. She says its only 3 hours for my birthday, what’s reality, I believe I have seen this some place. She checks the letters. Vihaan comes and opens the lights. He takes the letters. She figures he may know it. He says no, there is an exceptional thing in this paper, so you are subtly understanding it. She says nothing. He peruses. She gets strained. He finds the papers clear. He says you were gazing at clear paper. She thinks how did the ink vanish. She says yes.

He asks what’s Ishani’s room painting pic doing here. He believes was it expounded on the mystery. She says its not of utilization for you. He goes. She shuts the lights and will see the content once more. She says it implies Vansh composed with such an ink that shows up in flame light, it implies its a major mystery, I need to discover, Vihaan caused me unconsciously, its Ishani’s room painting. She places the letter in the container. She goes to Ishani’s room. Vihaan stops her and binds her. She asks what’s this, open it. He says simply let me know, what was written in that paper, there was some data that I didn’t comprehend, it implies some unique individual has composed it, its Vansh’s letter, right. She says no compelling reason to meddle among Vansh and me. He says unwind, one answer can free you. She says this time, I won’t allow you to extort, leave me. He says reconsider. She says fine, do anything you need. He tosses the key once more. She yells are you frantic. He says you ought to have considered it previously, I m inclination hungry, I m going to have food at the eating table. She says we can’t go this way, what will we respond to them. He says I didn’t think, stand by, its your concern. She reviews Vansh’s words. She thinks what to do.

Riddhima arrives at Ishani’s room. She gets some guide. Vihaan thinks I need to prevent Riddhima from knowing it. Riddhima finds the storage. She sees Vihaan and Vansh’s pic. She says it implies the two of them knew one another.