She reproves him. She says I was in cheat, I wanted to confide in you. He holds her and expresses these things sometimes fall short for you. He insults her.

He says the one who can play a hazardous game with family for cash, she can get her significant other killed also, I needed to spare myself, I needed to know whether you are deceiving me, I had spared you, we would have gone to prison, the day I would leave from prison, I would have 50 lakhs, you would be on streets, don’t blow up on me, better grin and figure out how to express profound gratitude to me. She expresses profound gratitude my foot, you had taken the NOC and deceived me, I feel that tea seller, our meet, it was all your plot.

Riddhima finds a present box that has a letter in it which says Riddhima needs to reach till some mystery before her birthday. She goes to some area and finds a protected box. She figures out how to open it and sees Vansh and Vihaan in an equivalent picture. She considers why they are together.