Next you will see that Riddhima is crying on the hill as the clan has jumped down the hill and the clan is dead, after that we see that Kabir tries to take over but she says stay away from me and All this has happened because of you, you have killed my husband.

After that we see that all the people come home and then they see in the house that the darkness is dark in the house and grandma says why there is so much darkness in the house, after that when the light is turned on, then they see If Anupriya is sitting in white clothes and crying,

then grandmother asks her what happened, why are you crying, then after seeing the necklace on the photo of Dadi clan, she falls down immediately. And says how it all happened. Then we see that Riddhima also comes and she is standing outside the gate, just something is happening, how do I get in, how will I handle all the people, at the same time there is a problem, holding Riddhima’s hand and takes her in.

And then we see that and then we say that Rali asks Riddhima how did you let her die last time you ate her pill yourself. Then we see that Anupriya tells everyone that some goons had entered the house and started fighting with the clan but Avnish was alone and after that the goons started running away from the house, the clan followed them and meanwhile his car Out of control, he falls into a ditch. And after that she went to find Sia and she too fell there and she got injured so that’s why she is admitted in the hospital.

Then we see that Ridhima is wondering why Anupriya is lying. After that Riddima asks Anupriya why are you lying and Anupriya says that what else I would have told that my son took the police from here, so that my family will consider my descendants to be criminal, that’s why I made this story After hearing all, Ridhima also remains silent. Then we see that Kabira goes to the house and tells that we have not found the body of the dynasty, perhaps some wild animal may have eaten it.

Hearing this, Dadi faints and then we see that all the housemates go to their rooms and hold the hand of the Redeemer Kabir and throw him out of the house and ask that you get out of here and never take my mind Kabir then says that the story of the dynasty is already over and you can come to me again. Then we see that Riddhima says that I will never forgive you and I am the wife of only dynasty and will be his only wife.

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