She says no. He says you abused my affection, both of you confronted difficult lady, you have crossed the limits, the lady I love, what did you become, its chance to take care of you back. He slaps her. His creative mind closes.

Riddhima gets down the vehicle. She asks was I there in your fantasy. He says possibly. She asks did you blow up on me. He inquires as to why, did I do whatever I ought to blow up. She says never, I won’t ever effectively hurt you or our adoration, I would not joke about this.

He asks truly, you asked me who do I love the most, I ask exactly the same thing to you. She says I love you the most, I didn’t cherish myself more than you. He says fascinating, intriguing. He goes. Kabir considers her and says your game is up, I m free. She gets stunned.

Aryan says black box will be mine, you said it has devil data of the hidden world. Angre hears Ishani and Aryan’s discussion. He illuminates Vansh about Kiara’s tattoo. Riddhima look about the tattoo. Read more….