Hey you will see that Kabir takes vansh with him and then we see that he does not take him to the police station, he takes him to the edge of a hill. And then we see that Nilima also reaches home there and she Lets carry the clan in the police van. And then she also picks up the car from the house and chases that sister.

Then we see that both Kabir and vansh stand face to face. And then we see That Kabir asks why do you think I have brought you here, the stage says that you must not have brought me here to feed the cold air, then you have definitely brought me here to do something wrong.

It says that I know that you have a lot of lawyers who will prove you innocent and you will be back from jail in a few months, that’s why I don’t want it. And if you come back again, it’s my There will be defeat and I will never let this happen.

That’s why today I am giving you a chance, you are free from today, you can go anywhere. And then Kabir opens vansh’s handcuffs. After that we see that the lineage message starts but at the same time Kabir pulls out the gun and tries to shoot vansh but vansh comes to know and he sits down which causes vansh not to shoot.

Ishq mein marjawan 2 11th November 2020 written update

We see that vansh says that I knew you would do something like this, that’s why I had already done that. And after that we see that vansh drops down songs from Kabir’s hand and then the two fight It seems that both kill each other a lot. Then we see that deceitfully picks up the gun once again and vansh again says what will you kill me, I have been killed on my own. And he starts going to the side of that hill.

Then we see that Ridhima comes in there and she says stop the stage please where are you going. So the clan says that your ishq mein Marjawan. And then vansh jumps down from that hill and Ridhima tries to catch him but she cannot catch it. And then we see…