Ishq mein marjawan 2 12 September 2020 written update

Ishq mein marjawan 2:- You will see in today’s Dhamaka Dar episode that Vansha tells her Riddhima to get ready for surprise and she is thinking to save herself and run away before she crosses her borders at the gate. She reaches but the stage does not let her step outside and stops her there and she asks what are you doing. He closes the door and he asks do you want to go without enjoying the evening with me. Ho and he says that I will make you as beautiful as I am with you and you tell Shyam with me after that you can go from here and he puts people at the door. Riddhima says leave me please let me go but the offspring does not let her go.

And Riddhima weeps a lot and says please let me go from here. He says that you promised me maybe you will remember that you burned my mother’s painting and after that you promised me that I Whatever you ask for, you will not refuse, then fulfill my promise and remember all that you and he says that you will romance with me and spend a lovely evening. I promise you will not regret it. Says that it is a very good day and we should cut a cake. I get scared of her and is ready to cut the cake. She thinks that I have no other way but to listen to her Hai she agrees to listen to him but when he grabs the knife in her hand she is very scared and she feels that this knife will put it in my stomach and he says that you can quickly Come change clothes and wear the clothes that I have said, only then we will make this evening colorful and she goes from where she is and wears a new dress which descent Told her and she is thinking and crying and thinks it will kill me today.

And then she goes near the window. After that, she tells the request that you keep an eye on the gate and Agra says you don’t worry, the descent says that if she is smart enough to read my message, he has somehow Man will surely reach Ridma and then he jumps inside the mansion on the other side, he thinks strange and has no security, so he is watching so that he knows what his plans are.

Angre asks Kabir what is the plan. He says that the game of Riddhima is really to end, Manch says that no, I do not want him dead. A similar piano is played. He says that I will make him realize that on the last day of Riddhima Korba will come to trap him. In the same way you will see that the descendants call Riddhima and they search for him and I look towards him.

They say that you look very beautiful. Please you get ready for the evening, he takes her for surprise. Similarly, we are going to start a new relationship today. In the same way, Kabir plays there and starts dancing and sees them. He says what he is doing, he says that he will hurt Riddhima. The dynasty feels that I have to bring that person out, and I have to take revenge on him. Kabir says that I know you well you want to kill him, I don’t know. I promised Riddhima that I will not let him do anything, I will not let you do this before you make him a thief. He targets the dynasty. Riddhima starts crying, Riddhima sees the brother and when he knows that he shoots, Riddhima comes in front of him and he gets shot, similarly the lineage is shocked, the voice captures him.

Similarly you will see that she faints, similarly she cries and he says that Ridma got shot because of me and he breaks inside. Similarly, someone comes to Kabir and shoots a gun at him. Sometimes it gets dry like this. He smiles, he starts saying that yes it happened the way I had planned but did his job completely. Riddhima sees Kabir and saves the buffalo,

The offspring calls the doctor at home, the doctor says that it is good that you have called us at home, we have just removed the pill, now he has to bring consciousness in 24 hours. Kabir says that I feel sorry for Riddhima that she is fighting to the death, she doesn’t know who shot her. She starts laughing. She says that killing her was not in my plan but I should donate her bill. I start thinking that he does not know that I tried to kill him, I will now play the game to defeat the dynasty. This is how the episode ends.