Vihaan says defining moments are won in the last moment, I will clear your certainty and misconception, you think you kept me on house capture, you are on house capture, Riddhima has kept you on house capture and discovered how the powder parcel was requested, who requested it, she is a lot more intelligent than you. FB shows Riddhima saying Ramanand had requested the powder, why, by what means will I discover. She takes his telephone. FB closes. Vihaan says Riddhima gave Ramanand’s telephone to Angre and settled on him decision Aryan, defining moments ruin in pomposity, you belittled Riddhima, I have picked a capable life accomplice, we were talking through messages, you didn’t know right, gracious your emphasis was on my games, its unusual, yet you are a silly cop, any way, 5mins to 10, we will have show on next area. Angre signs Aryan to state. Aryan says I had blended the powder in Gangajal, Vansh didn’t. Everybody looks on stunned.

Riddhima stops the jokester. She asks where will you run now Kabir, eliminate this cover. She gets stunned seeing… .