Next you will see that Riddhima somehow takes Ragini from there and after that we see that Riddhima starts telling the truth to everything vansh that your mother’s murderer is Anupriya and Kabir, then at the same time Kabir shoots Ridhima Gives and falls right there and from there on the other side is still fighting a life and death battle that Anupriya has injured her,

after that we give that Siya also starts telling the truth to the dynasty but after that Anupriya Siya Let’s play the recording from her mobile in which Riddhima is saying that I came to this house to spy on the vansh and upon hearing this, the lineage is shocked and Riddhima starts thinking of the culprit and then we see that after a while Anytime he comes there and says that you are going to be arrested in a while because you have killed Ragini.

Last Episode

Then we see that when Sia is telling Vansh, her mobile network goes away and she does not hear anything. Then we see that Riddhima arrives at the same place where Siya is kidnapped and she starts to take Siya out and then Kabir also comes there and he says that

I don’t want Riddhima to fail her plan Can give And then he covers his face well and then attacks Ridhima but the mind comes to know that someone is about to attack from behind only when she escapes the attack. On the other side, Vansh tells Angre that

I got a call from an unknown number and trace me and tell me where the last call from that number came from. After that we see that the Englishman tells him in a while that the location is there, and the dynasty says that the surety of Ragani must have been hidden here and then we see that he is also coming where Riddhima and Kabir is fighting.

Then we see that Riddhima and Kabir fight among themselves and somehow Ridhima kicks Kabir’s head and sometimes falls down, after that Riddhima takes off her mask and this is where the episode ends.